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    Nora needs a middle name!

    Should our little bug turn out to be a girl, we are pretty settled on Nora. But with our short hard sounding last name of C00k, we need something longer in the middle. Most other names I like also are 2 syllables and end in A and are too repetitive.
    Looking for suggestions for a longer name that isn't too frilly and doesn't end in a. Go!

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    I've always loved Nora Elizabeth, but Elizabeth is too filler for me to actually use.

    Nora Elizabeth C o o k does sound very pretty, though!

    Nora Caroline C o o k
    Nora Mabel C o o k
    Nora Jocelyn C o o k
    Nora Elise C o o k
    Nora Genevieve C o o k
    Nora Evangeline C o o k
    Nora Jacqueline C o o k
    Nora Maeve C o o k
    Nora Hadley C o o k
    Nora Primrose C o o k
    Nora Holland C o o k
    Nora Lillian C o o k
    Nora Charlotte C o o k
    Nora Miriam C o o k
    Nora Sophia C o o k
    Nora Elodie C o o k

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    My First thought was Nora Jane Cₒₒk; Do you think it's too plain?
    I don't think you necessarily need a long name, just a middle name that doesn't end in "a"
    Also, maybe you'd like:
    Nora Eve Cₒₒk
    Nora Lucille Cₒₒk
    Nora Ivy Cₒₒk
    Nora Dawn Cₒₒk
    Nora Vivienne Cₒₒk
    Nora Clementine Cₒₒk
    Nora Violette Cₒₒk
    Nora Marlowe Cₒₒk

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