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  • Seneca Rose

    13 28.26%
  • Seneca Violet

    3 6.52%
  • Seneca Juliet

    2 4.35%
  • Allegra Violet

    9 19.57%
  • Allegra Genevieve

    8 17.39%
  • Allegra June

    9 19.57%
  • Aria Aberdeen

    3 6.52%
  • Aria Emerson

    14 30.43%
  • Alexandra Emerson

    6 13.04%
  • Alexandra Aberdeen

    6 13.04%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Jun 2013

    Due in 7 days and can't decide- need help!

    Hello Everyone,

    My husband and I are expecting our first- a girl- in 7 short days. We have really struggled to come up with a name.

    We want something that is both strong and lovely and that is not likely to be heard on the playground. Please give us your honest opinion about the options below or feel free to suggest other first or middle names we may have overlooked. We've gone through lots of name sites and books and following 4 names have remained the top on our first name list: Seneca, Allegra, Aria, and Alexandra.

    Seneca we like for the women's lib implications along with the short name options Sena and Nica. But we're concerned it may be too unusual. Allegra we like for its sophistication but wonder if the medication by the same name is an issue.
    Aria, sounds lovely but may lack sufficient depth?
    Alexandra is a classic but this seems to be both a plus and a minus.

    We're considering the following first and middle name combos. If you have favorite, or least favorite, or other suggestions, we'd love to hear them! Our last is Samuall, and Violet and June are family middle name options we're considering.

    Seneca Rose
    Seneca Violet
    Seneca Juliet
    Seneca Rose Aberdeen
    Seneca Rose Alexandra

    Allegra Violet
    Allegra June
    Allegra Genevieve

    Aria Aberdeen
    Aria June
    Aria Emerson

    Alexandra Emerson
    Alexandra June
    Alexandra Aberdeen

    Thanks so much for your help!

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    Aug 2013
    My favorite for each first name is:

    Seneca Violet
    Allegra June
    Aria June
    Alexandra June

    My overall favorite is Seneca or Allegra. Alexandra is a little plain personally for me, for a first name. Aria is the name I hear most in my area for new little girls (other than Nora) so it's grown tired for me, for that reason..
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    Love Allegra June or Alexandra June. I don't think the allergy med is a deal breaker and I think an Alexandra, called Alexandra (rather than Lexi or even Alex) would be refreshing

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    Or - do you like Alessandra? The Italian version of Alexandra, similar vibe to Allegra.

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    Oct 2012
    Seneca is gorgeous! Its even more beautiful paired with Rose. I think any girl would love this if it were her name.

    I also voted for Allegra June!
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