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  • Georgia Belle

    41 33.88%
  • Georgia Lauren

    16 13.22%
  • Bianca Belle

    12 9.92%
  • Bianca Lauren

    15 12.40%
  • Piper Belle

    12 9.92%
  • Piper Lauren

    6 4.96%
  • Marlowe Belle

    17 14.05%
  • Marlowe Lauren

    2 1.65%
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    Love both Georgia and Bianca. I would pick Georgia Lauren over Georgia Belle because,'s a little too descriptive. If she doesn't pop out of the womb as the second coming of Scarlett O'Hara saying "well, bless your heart" it'll be odd on her. And if she does, it'll be a bit too apt, imo.
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    I like Bianca Lauren and Georgia Lauren.

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    I just love Georgia Belle!! I have fallen in love w/ the name Georgia since coming on this site but I know it would never fit w/ my girls. But I absolutely love it and think Georgia Belle just sounds so sweet and darling! Piper is also cute..I have a cousin who named her little girl this, she's like 16 months. It's very cute but I also have two friends w/ dogs named Piper so it's a little weird for me that way.
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    I'm torn between Piper and Georgia. I don't really like the combos you have for either, but I love both names. Would you consider Piper Georgia, or Georgia Piper? I adore Piper Georgia, actually--I think that'd be fab. As they are, though, Georgia Belle would get my vote, although it sounds very descriptive to me. I like Georgia more than Piper, but I like Piper Georgia much more than Georgia Piper.

    Good luck!
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    I voted for Bianca Lauren.

    I really like the name Georgia too, and Georgia Lauren is probably my second pick. However, while Georgia Belle does flow nicely, it sounds awfully twee to me. To be honest, as a Brit who admittedly knows nothing about southern charm, if an American lady from one of the southern states introduced herself as Georgia Belle, I'd probably assume she was joking and/or mocking the 'Southern Belle' stereotype. Sorry!
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