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    Brother Name for Amelia Claire and Oliver Henry???

    We're expecting our third child in a few weeks and are at a complete loss for a boy's name. We prefer "vintage" names, or as my husband teases, great-grandma names (we had Cora Lucia for our girl's name). Our daughter is Amelia Claire and our son is Oliver Henry... any suggestions for their upcoming brother???

    A few boy names we've recently tossed around are:

    Benjamin August
    Benjamin Eli
    Isaac Samuel
    Samuel Benjamin
    Sebastian August
    Sebastian Everett

    Greatly appreciate any and all suggestions!!!

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    Love (LOVE) Isaac! (In fact both Sebastian and Benjamin are lovely too)! But I would name a wee Isaac Zac for a nn...Cute! I also like that all three names are starting with a vowel...!
    Elliot Or Hugo are gorgeous with Amelia and Oliver.
    current favorite names:



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    I like Sebastian. What about: Theodore, Edwin, Francis, or Rafferty?

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    I like Sebastian Everett the best. Both names are so handsome. How about Levi or Caleb? I think both fit really well with your previous children's names, but that being said, I really like Sebastian!! Good Luck!!

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    I absolutely LOVE the names Caleb and Levi! Unfortunately they happen to be the names of two of our nephews... doh! But that's actually how we ended up naming our son Oliver, which fits him so well, because we thought it was close to Levi Really liking Sebastian, vintage, but not too popular. Thank you!

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