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    Advice on nickname, please :)

    My baby's first name is Quentin, Pronounced 'kwen-tin'. More often than not people mispronunce his name and misunderstand when I say it I've started calling him Quinn as his nickname. Is it a legit short variation? Thoughts on introducing his as Quinn but keeping Quentin as legal name?

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    I think it's a totally legit nn. My godfather's son is named Quentin and he goes by Quinn or QT (cutie).

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    Yes, Quinn's the usual nn for Quentin.

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    How are people pronouncing it? I can't think of a way to say it wrong! Quinn is a nickname for Quinten for sure.

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    I'm sorry to hear it is being misprounced, I love that name! I think I would be a stickler and keep trying to use the full name but of course Quinn can be used if you feel like it makes life easier. I liked collmcc523's comment to refer to him as QT while he's little!

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