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    Wren & Fern -too close?

    I'm curious to hear if others think Wren & Fern are too close for sisters? I like both of the names but can't decide which one I like better. To me, they don't really sound all the similar, but I think the fact that three out of four letters are the same kind of bothers me. Also wondering if maybe they are too "themey" together? What are your overall thoughts on both of the names? Which one do you prefer? Thanks!

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    Hmm, Wren and Fern are very close, especially the spellings. Maybe you could get Wren & Fern out of longer names? Florence & Ferna/Fenella? Mind you, that sounds kinda like Flora and Fauna. Even Florence & Fern sound sweet as a sibset. There are so many ways to get Wren though.

    I think I prefer Wren, but Fern is also lovely.

    Good luck!
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    I have the same problem! I like both of these names, but I am not sure which I like best. I definitely think they are too similar to use together, although I agree with jasmine.lee that they might work as siblings if one or both were nicknames for a longer name. Something tells me that you like the names for what they are though and would rather keep the one-syllable, simple nature name feel.

    What I like about the names:
    Fern -- Understated but strong. I picture a sweet girl with a quiet confidence. Makes me think of beautiful green ferns in the woods and of the character Fern in Charlotte's Web.
    Wren -- Spunky and sweet. I picture a petite, cheerful girl. Possibly artsy or athletic. Makes me think of cute bob haircuts and relaxing with a cup of tea and a good book. I have no idea why this imagery comes to mind.

    Overall, I think I like Wren best just because Fern sometimes sounds weird to me.

    Also, Fern and Lark would make really cute siblings.

    I that helps!
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    Wren and Fern are too close but Florence "Wren" and Fern would be nice.

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