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Thread: Tomlin Surname

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    Tomlin Surname

    In the fantasy I'm writing, there will be a character name Tomlin, and I need a last name.

    NOT Johansson! I don't think it goes well! Preferably I'd like it to mean something like 'evil' or 'dark', because the character isn't sure about whether he's 'good' or not.

    Also I need one for Gregoria. Her last name should mean 'loyal' or 'until the end' or something like that.

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    Also, no names that have the 'lil' syllable in them--too reminiscent of the actress Lily Tomlin.

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    Since I don't know anything about your character except what you want his name to mean or anything about the book in general and what sorts of names would be appropriate, I'm just throwing all my names at you that I have with those meanings. You can decide if they're last name material for your characters:
    Masculine sounding last names:

    Azazael -- name of an evil spirit
    Matchitehew -- one who has an evil heart
    Nukpana -- evil man
    Ubel -- evil man
    Blackstone -- of the dark stone
    Blackwell -- form the black spring
    Blagden -- from the dark valley
    Blake -- dark, fair
    Cardew -- from the dark fortress
    Ciar -- dark one
    Coleridge -- from the dark ridge
    Colgate -- from the dark gate
    Cronan -- small, dark one
    Delano -- dark, from the alder grove, of the night
    Devin -- poet, fawn, little dark one
    Donahue -- dark warrior
    Dooley -- dark hero
    Dubric -- dark ruler
    Duff -- dark, black
    Dwyer -- dark and wise man
    Kieran -- little dark one
    Queran -- dark and handsome man

    Feminine sounding last names:

    Charna -- dark
    Fia -- arising from the dark of peace
    Fusca -- dark
    Hinapouri -- dark nights of the moon
    Karayan -- dark one
    Karyan -- dark one
    Maurelle -- dark
    Scotia -- dark one
    Semra -- dark

    For the girl:

    masculine last names:

    Besnik -- faithful, loyal
    Dimas -- loyal comrade
    Leal -- loyal and faithful worker
    Tadaharu -- loyal and clear
    Tadao -- loyal man
    Amin -- faithful, truthful, trustworthy
    Emeth -- faithful man
    Heman -- faithful
    Lafayette -- faithful
    Medwin -- faithful friend
    Mumin -- faithful
    Ophir -- faithful
    Pin -- faithful and true
    Shields -- faithful protector
    Ubaid -- faithful
    Vedha -- faithful

    Feminine last name:

    Kidre -- loyal woman
    Olaug -- loyal woman
    Amana -- faithful, trust, safety
    Amina -- faithful, truthful, trustworthy
    Arub -- faithful woman
    Cristos -- dedicated and faithful woman
    Emuna -- faithful
    Fidelia -- faithful
    Inoke -- faithful woman
    Iselda -- she who remains faithful
    Muminah -- faithful
    Sati -- faithful -- My Amazon Author Page

    Represented by:

    Proud Mama to:
    Persephone Elysia Willow -- June 5th, 2013
    Amelia Lorien Sophia -- December 2015.

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    Thank you so much! I've decided on Tomlin Maurelle and Gregoria Besnik.

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