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    Maeve hands down

    dont put a kids through having to spell and pronounce their name their entire life.

    as someone that has a much 'easier' name but still has to spell and repeat it all the time - ITS NOT FUN OR WORTH IT

    of the pronunciations: kwee-va / kee-va, kwee-va reminds me of queasy. go with Keeva if you have to.

    Maeve still beats Keeva
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    Maeve. For sure.
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    As someone with a name that is often difficult for others to pronounce (both first and surname) is not a big deal. (Because I love the meaning of my first name) Definitely worth it. And it can be a fun conversation starter.

    But I still prefer Maeve.
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    How is Caoimhe pronounced??? Kweeva? That sounds very gross...Keeva..not bad. I def prefer Maeve Rose though!
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    I vote for the beautiful Caoimhe but Maeve is lovely too, you can't go wrong with either choice.
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