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  • Winter Antoinette

    20 38.46%
  • Winter Fawn

    5 9.62%
  • Winter Bohemia

    7 13.46%
  • Winter Violette

    20 38.46%
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    middle names for Winter? suggestions please! plus a poll of current favs

    so in my last poll no one liked Winter, and most comments mentioned it was because of the middle name choice (Esmerelda.)

    i really like the name and want to keep it as a front runner but i agree that Esmerelda doesn't flow terribly well (just another name i love, but only as a middle.)

    SO... suggestions please! last name starts with "N" so i would prefer it not start or end with "N" or start with "R" since Winter ends in "R"

    i don't have a long list of middles i like for Winter, I keep throwing out the lists and starting from scratch... but i like longer girly names, and unique names.

    older sister is Alora Belle.

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    Holly, Snow, Juniper, Bless, Noel, (although it's an "n"), January. We're going with Noel as the Mn for our little December baby girl!

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    "C." Mid 20's. Sonographer and hobbyist writer. Just collecting for now, but hoping to TTC in 2018.

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    I love Winter Fawn and Alora Belle together!
    GIRLS: Blake Annabel/ Everly Lark/ Bellamy Jane / Georgia Hope / Cecelia Maxine / Ophelia Blue / Leighton Wren /Emilia Caroline / Gemma Sage / Finley Adriana / Beatrice River / Matilda Rowe
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    Rainbow baby due in November

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    I picked Winter Antoinette. Winter Fawn sounds nice and lovely but it's so wordy. Winter Violette would be my second pick if it's vee-oh-let. -- My Amazon Author Page

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