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    Help me pick a winner!

    Thanks in advance!

    We would like to somehow honor my hubs grandmother, Sylvia Pearl, that recently passed, but are open to just using Pearl as the middle name. Zosia is also on the list.

    Older brother is Benjamin. We like older, and possibly Hebrew or Jewish names, but aren't locked in. Additional NA,es choices are appreciated.

    Thanks for the honest feedback!

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    Zosia Pearl would be absolutely stunning! That is a perfect combination. My vote goes to that, but if you want other ideas:

    Aviva Pearl
    Adara Pearl
    Adina Pearl
    Atarah Pearl
    Ayala Pearl
    Ayelet Pearl
    Liora Pearl
    Hila Pearl (when put together, the meaning could be something like "halo of pearls"- how gorgeous is that?!)
    Kelila Pearl
    Malka Pearl
    Miriam Pearl
    Naomi Pearl
    Noya Pearl
    Raziela Pearl
    Shamira Pearl
    Shira Pearl
    Talia Pearl
    Tova Pearl
    Vered Pearl
    Yakira Pearl
    Ziva Pearl

    Good luck!
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    If you'd like to play with the meaning of Sylvia, what about Elana/Ilana? Ilana Pearl is beautiful!

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    I would use Sylvia! I think it is sooooo gorgeous!

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