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    Twins - Help! Combos, Additions, Removals, Re-arrange

    So this is where I'm at. I had made a much longer list, but we went over it, and DH got rid of a bunch and added a few. These are all the combos I have. I'm totally open to moving names around and changing names (ie. Katya to Kathleen) or totally changing them. Right now, my favourite combination is probably Everly Katerina and Lydia Jane. But maybe since Lydia is a lot more plain than Everly and Jane is more plain than Katerina, it should be Everly Jane and Lydia Kathleen. I have a 1 syllable last name which is why all the Maeve names are gone. Also notice there's only 2 'lia' name, but I like all names that end in 'ia' and would be fine with any nickname like Sia or Ria.

    Everly Katya and Cassia Jane - I read a book when I was younger where the main character's name was Cassia so maybe thats why I love this name.
    Everly Katerina and Lydia Jane (Evie and Lia as nn!)
    Everly Catalina and Aurelia Jane - Aurelia - maybe too close to Oral?
    Elodie Jane and Imogen Catalina - not loving the nn's for Imogen. And I don't like Imogene.
    Elodie Jane and Aria Kate - Ah-ree-a
    Elodie Jane and Tessa Kathleen - not sure if I love this combo, but I don't know what to pair Tessa with.
    Stella Jane and Rosalie Kate - Stella is so pretty, but I don't know if I love it with Rosalie. But I do like Rosalie, but maybe not.
    Emilia Jane and Averie Katrina - Love Emilia (nn Lia) and Averie is pretty, but should I spell it Avery? I think this way is a lot more feminine.
    Skye Katherine and Aria Jane - Love, love, love Skye! And I don't like it with Aria, but I don't know what to put it with.

    For those of you who didn't see the last thread, I'm having twins. I would like one of their middle names to be Jane and the other to be a form of Katherine (Kathleen, Katya, Kate, Katie, Catalina, Katerina ect.)

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    Hmmm... I'm not a fan of Everly, Emilia, Skye, Aurelia (it's okay, but I don't love it) or Averie (but I like the spelling Avery). I love the rest of your names, though. I think Kate would be best form of Katherine for you, since it matches Jane better than other forms of Katherine. And congrats on twins!

    Let's see...
    Elodie Kate and Cassia Jane- I think this combo would be pure perfection. The two first names are very different but equally lovely.
    Imogen- There aren't any names on your list that I think are a good match for Imogen. What do you think of Hazel, Beatrice or Eliza? Imogen Kate and Eliza Jane would be beautiful. NNs could be Immy, Gen, Genny, Ginny, Idgie, Gina, Genie, etc.
    Elodie Jane and Aria Kate- I don't love Aria, but it's quite pretty with Elodie.
    Tessa- It is tough to find a good match for Tessa on your list. What about Lucia or Eva? Tessa Kate and Lucia Jane would be lovely.
    Rosalie Kate and Aurelia Jane- I didn't love Rosalie with Stella- Rosalie was way frillier, and I think it would make a perfect match for Aurelia.
    Stella Kate and Avery Jane- I don't like the Averie spelling. Avery is a lot cooler IMO, and it reminds me of Elizabeth Banks's character on 30 Rock. I think it's a pretty good match for Stella, as they are both fairly short and versatile.

    Good luck!
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    Everly is VERY trendy and I'm guessing it will become "dated" pretty quickly. I don't like it with the feminine names you have it paired with. Either go all out unisex or all out feminine but I wouldn't mix the two styles. The best twinset as you have them now are Stella and Rosalie by far. A distant second is Elodie and Imogen. Here are my suggestions. Each twin is an individual so the names should be complementary yet unique.

    Elodie and Aurelia
    Elodie and Imogen
    Stella and Lydia
    Lydia and Tessa
    Elodie and Emilia (if you don't mind the shared "E")
    Everly and Skye
    Avery and Skye
    All the best,

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    I adore Lydia Jane! Such a perfect name. I am not really a fan of Everly, but its not bad. I like Rosalie or Stella with Lydia.

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    Thanks everyone! There are so many options, and I'm not good at pairing names!
    @namelover7 - I love your idea of Elodie Kate and Cassia Jane! Eliza is pretty, I'll add it to my list! Not a fan of Lucia, and Eva's ok, so I'll add Eva and keep Evie in my head.

    @mischa - I know Everly is technically unisex, but it feels very girly to me. I don't really mind the shared E because I would call Elodie - Lolo and Emilia Lia. Which then becomes double L. Haha, maybe Elodie would be Elie. I like Everly and Skye and Elodie and Aurelia!

    @boyandgirl I love Lydia Jane too! Yes, mischa suggested Stella with Lydia, seems popular! I don't think Rosalie and Lydia go very well, however Rosie and Lia is a nice nn combo!

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