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    Great names!

    Some thoughts:
    I think Tessa and Skye would be perfect together. They both have the same cheerful, free-spirited vibe to them.
    Skye Katherine & Tessa Jane
    Skye Katherine & Tessa Imogen (I know it's not Jane, but the sound might actually be close enough to count as honoring)

    I think Stella and Avery would be really cute together. They are both straightforward, distinguished, and fun.
    I'm loving Stella Jane and Avery Kate

    Also, what are your thoughts on using Catherine instead of Katherine? It might work better in some of your combos, especially Skye Catherine.

    I hope that helps!
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    I really like Tessa Jane and Lydia Kate together.

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    I really like Everly Katerina (prefer Kathleen or Katherine) and Lydia Jane they sound lovely together and I prefer the combination this way rather than Everly Jane and Lydia Kathleen. I just think the combination Lydia Jane sounds so wholesome and elegant.

    My thoughts on the other combinations:
    Everly Katya & Cassia Jane - Well Everly is lovely she feels very fresh and up beat even though I'm not a major fan of Katya I can see the appeal and she does work with Everly. Cassia Jane is gorgeous feels like a romantic bluesy choice. Cassia is a great name very chic and spunky. I also like the Cassie nickname to decrease the formality of Cassia. Great combo.

    Everly Katerina & Lydia Jane - well my comments are above about this combination!! By the way she isn't my favourite from the list!

    Everly Catalina & Aurelia Jane - Everly is lovely and she sounds great with Catalina. Catalina is a great Hispanic/Mediterranean influenced name, she has this wholesome spunky appeal and for me screams vibrancy she makes Everly look beautiful. Aurelia continues the Hispanic/Mediterranean theme yet adds a hint of Princess which works with Everly. I adore Aurelia. Aurelia Jane is beautiful.

    Elodie Jane & Imogen Catalina - I dislike Elodie for me she feels unattractive and slightly harsh in sound. For me Elodie just doesn't appeal. I love the name Jane though. Have you thought of Eloise? A thousand times prettier than Elodie and has a similar French vibe and look. Imogen is also great, feels very upper crust Brit. Very popular in the UK. She's superb but doesn't work with Catalina. The names clash in style Imogen needs a soft more English inspired classic like Catherine.

    Elodie Jane & Aria Kate - Again dislike Elodie! But Aria is awesome she's has a lovely sing-song quality looks light and airy. I also love the music associations that Aria possess. Aria Kate feels like a lovely combination. Would prefer Everly Jane and Aria Kate.

    Elodie Jane & Tessa Kathleen - Ugh I dislike both Elodie and Tessa, I've already explained the reasons as to why I dislike Elodie my reasons for disliking Tessa is because I always think of the British slang 'tosser' which in Britain basically means 'arsehole' it's not a term of endearment. I also dislike the harsh sound of the name. Tessa also doesn't work with Elodie.

    Stella Jane & Rosalie Kate - Again I'm sorry for the negativity but I dislike Stella. I know Stella at this precise moment in the naming world is the innovation of style. Stella is the hipster choice of baby names. But I dislike Stella reminds me of Stella Artois cidre which is such a trashy drink, secondly the name sounds harsh and feels so hipster it's annoying. Rosalie Kate is gorgeous though. Rosalie is one of my favourite girl's names but my list is under major reconstruction after harsh criticism from my sister sooo... anyway at the moment Rosalie is my favourite. She has great sound, has beautiful floral connotations feels so natural. I also love Rosalie Kate as a name, Kate is a great name very sweet and pure. Kate works with Rosalie in such a perfect way it's awesome!!

    Emilia Jane & Averie Katrina - Emilia is my favourite out of Amelia and Emilia (different names similar in sound) just because she looks so pretty, elegant, and soft. Emilia has a stunning fresh sound. I also love the Emmy nickname for Emilia. Emilia Jane has a fabulous flow feels like a name straight from a storybook. Averie is okay I'm unsure as to whether I prefer Avery or Averie still it feels soft and cute. I prefer Averie Catalina though but still Averie Katrina sounds cute.

    Skye Katherine & Aria Jane - I'm not a major Skye fan maybe I'm not embracing the inner hippy enough ; ) still I think she works with Katherine which is such a great classic. Honestly I adore Katherine! Aria is awesome I love it and she sounds delightful with Jane. Aria & Skye do work together but if you don't like it don't use them together.
    Here are some suggestions for a Skye pairing...
    Skye Katherine & Emilia Jane
    Skye Katherine & Rowan Jane
    Skye Katherine & Milena Jane
    Skye Katherine & Maia Jane
    Skye Katherine & Roma Jane

    My favourite is Everly Catalina & Aurelia Jane : )

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    Quote Originally Posted by namelover77 View Post
    Hmmm... I'm not a fan of Everly, Emilia, Skye, Aurelia (it's okay, but I don't love it) or Averie (but I like the spelling Avery). I love the rest of your names, though. I think Kate would be best form of Katherine for you, since it matches Jane better than other forms of Katherine. And congrats on twins!

    Let's see...
    Elodie Kate and Cassia Jane- I think this combo would be pure perfection. The two first names are very different but equally lovely.
    Imogen- There aren't any names on your list that I think are a good match for Imogen. What do you think of Hazel, Beatrice or Eliza? Imogen Kate and Eliza Jane would be beautiful. NNs could be Immy, Gen, Genny, Ginny, Idgie, Gina, Genie, etc.
    Elodie Jane and Aria Kate- I don't love Aria, but it's quite pretty with Elodie.
    Tessa- It is tough to find a good match for Tessa on your list. What about Lucia or Eva? Tessa Kate and Lucia Jane would be lovely.
    Rosalie Kate and Aurelia Jane- I didn't love Rosalie with Stella- Rosalie was way frillier, and I think it would make a perfect match for Aurelia.
    Stella Kate and Avery Jane- I don't like the Averie spelling. Avery is a lot cooler IMO, and it reminds me of Elizabeth Banks's character on 30 Rock. I think it's a pretty good match for Stella, as they are both fairly short and versatile.

    Good luck!

    I agree and love Elodie Kate and Cassia Jane and Elodie Jane and Aria Kate! LOVE! Love! Love! Love Elodie!
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    I think Everly and Lydia are adorable together! I think Everly Kate and Lydia Jane would be adorable, actually--I find Everly much more plain than Lydia, though, so I think Everly Katerina and Lydia Jane to be fine.

    My two favorites honestly, though, are Aurelia and Emilia, so I'd be tempted to use those two! I would be tempted to use Ari and Emmy as nicknames, but that's just me. I would love to meet Aurelia Kate and Emilia Jane/Aurelia Jane and Emilia Kate. I think they're perfect together. But if you want to keep Evie and Lia, then I think Everly Kate and Lydia Jane are lovely.

    Good luck!
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