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    CAF -- A Royal Life PART 1

    Dice: (choose 6 sided dice)

    Your name is ____________ ( ; choose 2 middle names and a first name) and you are 16 years old. You are the crown princess of (roll the dice)...

    1 or 5: Spain
    2 or 4: Russia
    3 or 6: Italy

    Your parents are the King and Queen of (YOUR COUNTRY), and your younger siblings are all dukes and duchesses.

    What are your parents' names?
    Mom: (fn and 2 mns)
    Dad: (fn and 2 mns)

    How many siblings do you have? (roll the dice):
    1. 2 brothers and 1 sister
    2. 2 sisters and 1 brother
    3. 3 brothers
    4. 3 sisters
    5 or 6. You choose (3 or less)

    What are your siblings' names? (fn and two mns for each)

    All of your life, you have been training to be a queen. You go to lessons almost all day from Monday to Saturday learning how to be a good queen. After all, one your mother, (MOTHER'S NAME) steps down, it will be your turn to rule (YOUR COUNTRY).

    One beautiful day, your parents told your there would be a special guest coming to the castle for supper later that day. You looked at them curiously and then became very excited! You later went out into the castle courtyard -- that was your favorite place to think. You then see a carriage roll up to your castle gate. That must be the guest!

    Then you see a gorgeous prince, (DESCRIBE HIM -- YOU CHOOSE HOW HE LOOKS, HOW HE IS DRESSED, ETC.). You run in to get ready for supper. You need to make a good impression on him during supper.

    How does your dress look (roll the dice)?

    You then glide gracefully down the staircase into the dining hall. You smile at the guest. "Good evening," you tell him, "I am Princess (YOUR NAME). How do you do?". He then introduces himself as Prince ___________ of _______________.

    What is his name? (one fn and two mns)

    What country is he Prince of? (roll the dice):
    1 or 3: France
    2 or 6: The Netherlands
    4 or 5: England

    You have a very pleasant conversation during the meal. You talk about _____________________________ (your choice).

    "I had a very nice evening!" (PRINCE) tells you. "I did too," you say, "When will we meet again, (PRINCE)". "Very soon." he says, "I promise." You smile when he says that. Later that night, you find out that he is your betrothed and you will join him in (PRINCE'S COUNTRY) the next day. You get very happy and barely sleep that night!

    The morning is full of tearful goodbyes, but once you get to (PRINCE'S COUNTRY) and see (PRINCE), that all goes away! "Hello Princess (YOUR NAME)", he says "Would you like to meet the family?". You nod and walk holding his hand.

    You have a blast meeting his family. His mother is a beautiful older woman (describe the mother, how she looks, what she is wearing, etc.). His father is a serious but handsome older man (describe the father, how he looks, what he is wearing, etc.). And his brother is also very nice, (describe his brother, like you described the parents).

    What are his family members named?
    Mother and Father: (fn and 2 mns)
    Brother: (fn and 2 mns)

    Your relationship is like one out of a storybook. Both of you know it was love at first sight.

    How long do you date? (roll the dice)
    1. 6 months
    2. 9 months
    3. 4 months
    4. 1 year
    5. 2 years
    6. 1 1/2 years

    One very fateful day, it happens -- (PRINCE) proposes to you! (describe how he proposes to you)

    How does the ring look? (roll the dice):

    How long do you spend planning the wedding? (roll dice):
    1. 2 months
    2. 4 months
    3. 6 months
    4. 8 months
    5. 1 year
    6. 2 years

    You and (PRINCE) decide to have the wedding...(roll dice)
    1. in the castle garden
    2. in a huge church
    3. in the castle ballroom
    4. at the beach
    5. in a gazebo surrounded by flowers
    6. on a beautiful mountain retreat with a 360 view of the Himalayan Mountains

    The weeding day finally comes! You feel and look beautiful in your gown (describe gown). Everything goes just as planned. It was the happiest day of your life.

    You and (PRINCE) take a huge honeymoon to (roll dice)...
    1. Florida
    2. Disneyland
    3. Mexico
    4. China
    5. Germany
    6. Brazil

    The real kicker...when you come back from your honeymoon, you find out that you are pregnant!

    To be continued...

    (if I get 8 replies, I'll post part 2)

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