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    I prefer Finley Evelyn Rose. Compared to Tosh, it's much prettier. The site that says Tosh is a girls name doesn't look legit (I typed in my name, and it said that it is a girls name that is also used for females.)

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    I like Tosh and I find it to be more aesthetically pleasing than Finley.
    Maculine yes... but that seems to be a thing these days.

    I would support Tosh on a girl.
    I find it similar to Tish so I'd suggest Letitia / Leticia for Tosh.

    Tosh.o was my first thought but it wasn't that strong of an association for me and I watch him every week.
    I also like the Peter Tosh. I'd use it as I like it... but I'd prefer it as a nickname, If not its fine

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    I like the idea of Natasha, or even Natosha for a full name and Tosh as a nn, but if she doesn't like Tosh she could always choose later on to go bu her middle name Also thanks torchwood mention, I knew I remembered Tosh but couldn't remember her full first name

    And I have never heard the word Tosh used as British slang ever, so that's nothing to worry about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by essjay View Post
    I like Tosh on a girl, there was a character on Torchwood called Toshiko nn Tosh (she was Japanese) and she wore it brilliantly. That's my first association - I'm British and the 'load of old tosh' phrase isn't really used much any more. No idea what Tosh.O is and I've never heard of the people mentioned with it as a surname either.
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    I thought of Tosh.0 first too. I'm a huge Tosh fan and can honor your reasons for wanting to go with Tosh, but I think the mere fact of Daniel Tosh's celebrity right now could make having that name a little weird for a young girl. I love Tish as a nn for Elizabeth (if that is a consideration) and like the suggestion of Tash (pronounced Tosh) as a nn for Natasha.

    But I also have to say your first suggestion of Finley Evelyn Rose sounds perfect to me

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