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    Tosh for a girl - yes I know it's unconventional...

    Hello creative Berrys,
    I posted a question last night about a front runner name for my baby girl who is due in October, Finley Evelyn Rose (Evelyn for my mother who passed away). Got some great feedback but my husband reminded me of a name we were sort of crushing on a few months back. Tosh. In Danish it means strong Viking soldier, and is also a last name of a certain reggae artist from a few decades ago whom I also happen to love. My hubby is of Scandinavian roots so he likes the first meaning. We also like first names that aren't very girly and that are simple, since we both have wildland firefighting backgrounds and are very much into roughing it in the outdoors. Evelyn as a middle name is non-negotiable. Two middle names is fine. Tosh could be feminized as a nickname by calling her Toshi while she's younger...I know this will be a hard sell for a few of you out there but thought it couldn't hurt to get some feedback.

    Finley Evelyn Rose or Tosh Evelyn ____???

    Thank you for your honest feedback! Oh, and last name is Mason if that makes any difference.

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    How about Natasha Evelyn, nn 'Tosh'?

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    All I can think of is Tosh.o, not even Peter Tosh. It *might* have mn or nn potential- but I'd say no for a first name. Evelyn Rose is beautiful! An I even prefer unisex, trendy Finley to Tosh. Call her Fin, one syllable like Tosh.
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    I think of the British slang "Oh, tosh!" which is like "Oh, rubbish!" And no, I'm not British.

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    I think of the British slang "tosh," which is like nonsense. And, no, I'm not British.

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