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    What a wonderful boy's list! Nell of the beautiful name will have a brother or sister with style, that's for sure.

    Constantine - being a sucker for alliteration, this charms me. Constantine and Cornelia - sigh. Strong, regal, masculine.
    Edmund - I adore this name! He sounds like he should be Cornelia's brother. He is sweet yet strong, and there is Ned.
    Isidore - At the risk od being redundant, I love this too. Isadore is under-rated and I love Izzy. My grandfather (Israel) was Izzy. Quirky and totally adorable.
    Lionel - Lionel, Leonidas, Leonard - Have to love the lion names. Not my faves with Nellie though.
    Phineas - Phineas is genius. Like Lavinia, this one begs to be chosen. I do love your style.
    Zev - Personally, this is very special and the name DS and DDiL want if/when they have a baby. Seems a little thin with Cornelia though. I love Zev.
    Stellan - Love the name, but not enough to put on top.
    Sherlock - So very times to Holmes but, OMG, I really would love to meet a little Sherlock.
    Stanislav - Why do I love Stanislav? I really don't know but I do.
    Thaddeus - Why don't I love Thaddeus? I really don't know but feel I should.

    My top three, er four:
    Phineas - perfect with Cornelia, a little quirky and a great nn (Finn)
    Isadore - So wonderful, glad to know I'm not the only one who appreciates its charm. A close second for little Izzy.
    Edmund/Constantine - Just can't decide which. Constantine is strong, regal and alliterative. Edmund is just yummy and gets a bonus point for Ned.
    Sherlock - <sigh>
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    @Olympia: as I said, he finds it too girly. Thanks for ideas, I like Penrose and Ambrosio.
    @Gwen: so funny! And I was born in Ukraine, studied in Moscow, lived in Siberia and then moved to US where my uncle and aunt live. And have you ever been to Moscow? It's a beautiful city but with crazy weather. Today it's 9 outside but in the summer - heating 95 and even more. And snowy cold winters but I love snow.
    @Bonnie: thank you so much, I am joyful to hear your compliments. I find Sherlock very cool, too and I am fine with naming a boy after mr Holmes.

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    Is the list on page three the most up-to-date?

    1. Nestor - Love Nestor. He's so straightforward yet unexpected. Cute, yet strong.
    2. Leander - a favorite of mine. He feels a bit stronger to me than Lysander and Leonidas (both of which I sitll adore), while still being quite romantic
    3. Ulysses - Just feels so right with the beautiful Cornelia
    4. Constantine - So stately. He definitely stands right up to the equally elegant Cornelia.
    5. Phineas - Also, spectacular with Cornelia
    6. Endymion - I can't not put this romantic beauty on the list!
    7. Balthazar - I may like him a bit more for his nn's, but he's definitely great with Cornelia.

    So many others on your list are great too. I love Sylvan, Stellan, Orpheus, Taliesin, and Cosmo, but they just don't match with Cornelia to me somehow. I've started growing a love for Stanislav recently, but that love has not yet fully developed. Thaddeus and Isidore go fabulously with Cornelia, but I just don't like them as much as the others on my list.

    Is Hadrian out? I absolutely love the name and association. He'd no question be at the top of my list!!
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    @reverie: Yes, this list is the latest. Thank you so much for top and commenting. Hadrian: I love him but he's most likely in the middles because boyfriend thinks he will forever be correcting people. That's a pity, I love Romans.
    And now the newest update, in the next comment.

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    Caspian vs Cassian
    Leander vs Lysander
    Lionel vs Leonidas
    Perseus vs Phineas
    Severian vs Stellan
    Sylvan vs Sylvester
    And who has gone: Lysander, because I decide I love lions more than liberators; Zev and Zeus moved to middles, because I picked Poseidon "Ozzy"; Tarquin, because I said no bad guys; Wolfgang, because I love wolves no near much as lions and Hephaistion together with Bellerophon became middle name contenders because they would fit there much more.
    Also, doubting Edmund. He is so unbelievably normal for us, and also, O or U? Edmund or Edmond?
    We added Mars, because it's so short but strong and we both love 30 seconds to Mars; Gwydion, because it's so magical, Hector, because he was so brave and fearless and Hyperion to replace Hep.
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