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    Oh yeah mr Blake! But if he can be just Blake sometimes, Tarantino is always with Quentin, yeah.
    I am glad you don't find the threads dull and fun is always good. And this theme is slowly turning into our personal conversation, that's lovely.

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    My top three would be:

    Have you considered Linus, Pallas or Orion?
    current favorite names:



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    Thanks Ella! Yes, I have thought of Linus but boyfriend finds it too mainstream and we don't really like Orion or Pallas(but we have Minerva on your girls list), but thanks for suggestions.

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    Hey Victoria - I'm liking the updated list. below I'm only commenting on the new additions or the "vs". The rest of my opinions have remained the same and are on page 2 of this thread if you wanted to refer back. Atlas and Leonidas are still my favorites with Severian as a close third.

    Apollo vs Appolinaire - Oh, I'm with Otter on this Apollo all the way. Appolinaire looks like you tried to spell Apolinaris to me and just got it wrong. (Nothing wrong with Apolinaris except it's a very prominent bottle water company).
    Harold - I loved Harold and the Purple Crayon but Harold feels a bit stuffy to me. How about Harvey instead?
    Leander vs Lysander - oh this is hard Leander always strikes me as a girls name (probably cause an elementary school friend wanted Amanda (Ah-maan-duh) and Leander (Lay-ahn-duh) as daughters when she got older and this ALWAYS makes me think of that.
    Lionel vs Leonidas - I love Leonidas and Leon so this is a no brainer to me. Lionel makes me think of Lionel Richie and the this slightly sleezy kid in my high school.
    Perseus vs Phineas - Perseus. I think Perseus Jackson series has made this more wearable for the newer generation. Phineas has more of a hissy sound which I don't like as much - alright now I'm just trying to find things wrong with it.... lol. Just Perseus.
    Poseidon vs Zev vs Zeus - none. I don't really know why but none of these strike me as great names to have (I always think about if I'd like to be called that and I really wouldn't want any of these).
    Severian vs Stellan - Severian. I might be the only one but Stellan is weird to me (I also don't like Stella - I know gasp in horror) and Severian is just so intriguing.
    Sylvan vs Sylvester - Sylvester. Though my associations are Sylvester the Cat and Sylvester Stallone. (Though just FYI Sylvester the german term for New Years Eve).
    Taliesin - I think this is a wonderful addition to your list. It feels mystical, gentle and powerful. (I kind of think of a mix of the guy who plays Merlin, in Merlin and what I imagine Artemis Fowl to look like). Almost too smart for his own good, extremely powerful with a little destructive streak but mostly cause he's just not thinking and a ginormous heart who just wants to fix things for everyone.
    Tarquin - Tarquin the Harlequin? not so much my style. I'm with Otter and think Quentin could be a better option. Quentin is definitely not too Tarantino (bite your tongue) but even if it was. He's still a very cool name sake.
    Wilfred vs Wolfgang - Wolfgang. Still a favorite. I can understand how it might feel weird in english but maybe this will help: I see Wolfgang as a very literal translation of wolf's path or better a wolf's way. I think of dark forests, speckled with openings of glorious light and warrior just as confident alone as he is in a group. A solid force of nature, who works hard to live well without being greedy. All the nobility and intelligence that we lend to these majestic animals mixed in with the loyalty and giggle of a toddler.
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    Again, a Top 8 in order. I couldn't just do the girls' list, this one is so much fun! =]

    Phineas** Seriously. Please use this. It is so amazing next to Cordelia! I am completely in love with this pairing lol.
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