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    Adonis, used to describe hot guys as in 'check out that bronzed Adonis... For that reason only, I personally wouldn't use this.
    Apollo like it but not sure Cordelia and Apollo work together...
    Atlas love! *
    Balthazar with Cordelia it's awesome, could you compromise with Balthazar nn Bazil? *
    Bellerophon, meh there are way better names on your list.
    Cecil, ok, I Prefur Cyril, it's less lispy and soft...
    Celio I don't mind but again Cordelia and Celio seem quite mismatched to me
    Constantine love *
    Cosmo yes, I think this could work well with Cordelia
    Edmund Love with Cordelia! *
    Endymion yes, slightly prefer Edmund but my style is a lot 'safer' than yours so...
    Hephaistion, the name is a bit of a mouthful but I know a man with the nn Happy, and that could totally work for this name which gives it extra brownie points!
    Isidore love this name! Nelly and Sid, nelly and Is, Nelly and Dory... It works!
    Leander/Lysander of the two I Prefer Lysander, both work with Cordelia
    Lionel yes,
    [name_m]Leonidas[/ name_m] prefer Lional (I think its the Lion part! Too cool) but its still pretty awesome.
    Lorcan meh
    Nestor again Meh
    Odysseus/Ulysses prefer Ulysses only for the nn Uly, but don't love either of them, they are both big mouthfuls to say and I can't see nn options that make them more accessible.
    Orpheus don't hate it, don't love it.
    Paris I think it's gone to place name territory and lost it's Greek legend cred for the vast majority. And unfortunately it's not even elegant, underused place name use...
    Perseus/Percival love both, Perseus wins by a wisker *
    Phineas yes, Love! Cordelia and Phineas, Nelly and Finn!*
    Poseidon ok, Prefur Zeus
    Severian, yes although I slightly prefer Stellan
    Stanislav very wasten European...
    Stellan it's great!
    Wilfred makes me think if a little story book mouse...
    Zeus Cordelia and Zeus? Can't decide if it works...
    Anastas, meh
    Basil as long as its Baz-il
    Sherlock I really like Sherlock, but then I also like Gulliver... If Apollo and Zeus can move beyond the one man accociations, why can't Sherlock?
    Thaddeus I really like Thaddeus... Most people wouldn't think Theodore I don't think...
    Wolfgang I like it, Nelly and Wolf is very cool
    Zev, seems very sparse next to Cordelia.

    Goodluck, I stared my top 5
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