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    So much comments today! Thank you berry lovelies, thank you!
    @Sessha: I am very pleasantly surprised you did such a huge comment on work, I appreciate it! So sweet of you. Endymion, if I am not mistaken, was suggested by Otterr, hehe. Phineas and Ferb, yep I like. And Constantine, Keanu Reeves? He is a hot. So is Jared Leto, who played Hephaistion, by the way and there is also Leonidas/Gerard Butler. I am collecting handsome leaders . Thank you for suggestions, I really love Hyperion, Emrys, Melchior, Sebastian, Cyprian and Caspian. Amazing!
    @tori: my heart jumps every time somebody compliments on Nell's name, thank you. You are a big helper and amazing comments.

    Thank you so much, absolutely fantastic comments and work! Updated lists coming soon!

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    What a great set of names! My favorites are:

    Apollo - Love it! I am not brave enough to use it, but would love to meet a little Apollo.
    Edmund - Love, love, love! This one is a great name, though it seems a little tame compared to some of your other options
    Perseus - This name rocks! You should use it.
    Poseidon - I like this one, I think it would work well as a middle
    Tarquin - Cool! I like the sound!
    Thaddeus - Love Thaddeus! And Thaddeus sounds really good with sister Cornelia.

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    Yeah. Lex, Lexi or Lexie are all cool. (The m is actually an initial from a middle name).
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    Phineas - love Phineas! so much!
    Thaddeus - love!
    Leander - great name!
    Zev - love it
    Constantine - I've known several, good name
    Apollo - nice
    Edmund - very usable. I prefer Edwin and Edgar personally

    Atlas - okay
    Endymion - I kinda like this one despite it being unusual.

    Harold - bit boring for me
    Cosmo - Kramer. That's all I think of.
    Severian - bit severe but I still prefer it to Stellan
    Stanislav - I know a great guy named Stanislav so that alone makes me like it, but the sound combo isn't really my style
    Sylvan vs Sylvester - well Sylvester is more usable, but Sylvan is more interesting and pleasant sounding.
    Wilfred vs Wolfgang - I'm not fond of either but I guess I'd choose Wolfgang
    Isidore - sorry, I think it's a no go for a boy. At least where I live.
    Lionel vs Leonidas - Leopold? I prefer that to either of those.
    Balthazar - I like Casper and Jasper
    Bellerophon - I wouldn't use a name that began with Belle for a boy, it's just too popular for girls.

    These are just too weird for me:
    Top Names: Benedict Calvin & Noelle Geneva
    Olivia/Livy : Darah/Bethel : Eve/Verity
    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
    Due in January!

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    What do I do when it's far too hot to even consider venturing outside? More commenting on Victoria's threads!

    (Extra-favorites bolded, but they haven't really changed, so yeah.)
    Orpheus - Although it has the "or" sound in common with Cornelia
    Taliesin - Actually in love with this one. Such a fun sound and story.
    Thaddeus - This one and Phineas are my favorites for you.

    I'd demote to middle:
    Cosmo - Heavily associated with the obnoxious Fairly OddParents character, the magazine and the drink, or I'd like it better
    Harold - Eh. Doesn't have as much charisma as your other choices.
    Ulysses - I know Troy's been gone a while and that it had nothing to do with me, but I can't seem to forgive this guy
    Sherlock - But it's still awesome.

    Apollo vs Appolinaire - Apollo. Appolinaire is a bit gratuitous.
    Leander vs Lysander - Leander by a hair, but both are great.
    Lionel vs Leonidas - Oooh. Torn. I guess Lionel is slightly more wearable, and goes better with Cornelia.
    Perseus vs Phineas - Phineas for sure. It's clunk perfection, especially with Nelly.
    Poseidon vs Zev vs Zeus - Eh...Zeus? Zev feels incomplete, but Poseidon and Zeus feel a bit heavy-handed. I'd pick Jupiter if that were an option.
    Severian vs Stellan - Stellan, but neither is my cup of tea.
    Sylvan vs Sylvester - Sylvester! Rather perfect with Cornelia.
    Wilfred vs Wolfgang - Wilfred as a first, Wolfgang as a middle.
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