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    Of your list these are my favourites

    If I could cross some straight off as a no they would be Adonis, Bellerophon, Hephaistion and Endymion all sound rather silly for a 21st century boy to me, or too difficult to spell and pronounce!

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    Great list! My favorites are:
    And I think Hephaistion is cool but maybe too complicated.

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    So many comments, yay. Thank you!
    @essjay: thanks for top and least faves...I am actually half-Ukrainian so yes, Esatern European and Stanislav is pretty popular here. I originally wanted Vladimir but it only remindes of the President here and I don't want a presidential name.
    @Ottilie-Otter: thanks sweetie, I am excited to see your suggestions! Yes, I am all for Roman names...Greek are excellent too but I just adore Romans. Well, I will probably cut off Zev because I prefer Zeus and Adonis? Hm, I am sure my kid will look even better than Brad because boyfriend is a hottie and I am not do bad () but yeah, Adonis is perhaps too sexy for a baby. And whoa, you don't like Celio? I also like Caelius but Celio is easier but such a great meaning. But that's one of a few exceptions for "no -o name" rule.
    I really like Achilles, Amphion, Hadrian and Theseus. I also love Benedict but we already know one, so maybe for middle. I am afraid BF will only approve Hadrian, thou
    @dovah: thanks, beauty! Nelly is only 3,5 months but she already has had a ton of compliments in her name, I am so overjoyed. Well, we pronounce Basil like Bah-zel, not bay-zil. And Ulysses is lispy? Hm, kinda. And I don't know who Cosmo Kramer is(or was?) TV series, huh? I am actually more concerned with Cosmopolitan reference.
    @mischa: thank you so much for comments and suggestions! Yes, Basil is ba-zel for us. I like
    Hermes - but Nelly has Hermione so probably off
    Oh, so much great ideas!
    @florie: thanks!
    @chrisco: thank you!
    @bellerose: thank you for compliments and replies.
    @Gwen: thank you so much! Bellerophon is my number 2, so almost absolute favorite but yes, Bell-beginning is so confusing! I wish there were less Bellas around but I, hardly possible, only know one(!), so I may use Ron, yeah.
    @boyandgirl:thanks for favorites!
    @tuitree: wow, you did a great work, a lot of thoughts! And thanks for staring.
    @sarahmezz: thank you, yes, Basil is bah-zel. And, well, I don't think my kid will hate me even if I name him Mykenzie or Oyidehn. I actually don't like my name much but I love my mom very much so I can't say it's that connected.
    @mclola: thank you! Pretty bad no-one loves Bel and Hep, I'd keep them for now but can guess won't use them anyway. Oh the tastes, I wish parents around were braver.
    @southern.maple: thanks, I am glad you like her name. I love Balthazar too, he is so spunky and strong and this zippy nickname Zar! Balthazar Perseus is excellent, how didn't I think about it before! Interesting tries, I will take a guess and say you will be a great helper when it comes to middles!
    @stripedsocks: thanks! Funny, but Constantine is so popular in Ukraine, nearly mainstream but so unknown here.
    @orange: thank you and I guess we have so different tastes because I actually find names that you described as silly very attractive and handsome.
    @Olympia: oh thanks and yep, Hep is complicated but isn't he lovely? And he makes me think of mr Jared Leto, whom I loooove!

    Well, there are lotta suggestions and important thoughts so I think I will talk to boyfriend and then update but for now I see we are probably deleting Lorcan, Adonis, Wolfgang and Paris.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mclevine View Post
    I am starting our second naming journey, now haunting brother names for Cornelia Hermione Winter. Our last time was pretty crazy and all over place so I'd like to start earlier and ideally have a top 10 by the end for back ups.
    Firstly, I want to shorten the list we have so far. Here are the ones we've noticed, collected and liked for a while and new additions as well.
    They are mostly mythological and historical, we'd like him to have a strong heroic namesake.
    Adonis somehow makes me think of a Fabio type
    Apollo there was a figure skater with this name, that's what I think of
    Balthazar this name puts the song we three kings into my head, but that's not a bad connotation.
    Cecil doesn't strike me as having the heroic quality you want
    Edmund love it
    Isidore when I see this I automatically feminize it with an a in my head
    Odysseus/Ulysses love Ulysses
    Paris I know originally a boy but I think Paris Hilton
    Phineas love this one too!

    Boyfriend's ideas:
    Anastas (No, not my taste at all)
    Basil (Like this but maybe it's to spicy for a boy)
    Sherlock (He's cool, sure but second Sherlock ain't so fine)
    Thaddeus (Nice but too close to Theodore)
    Wilfred (I love the idea of baby Fred, pass)
    Wolfgang (Wolf's gang? I don't know for sure but music connection is lovely)
    Zev (I prefer Zeus)

    Oh, I am delighted I have finished boys, they are harder to collect. So, again, I would love you to help me until 10-12 names are left. Tops, comments and thoughts all welcome. Not starting middle names yet.nAnd if you have suggestions, feel free to share, we are still open!
    I agree with Ottile. I think you can go clunky cool. I love Phineas, Ulysses and Edmond. Edmond is my personal favorite. I like that Phineas can also go by Phin.
    I would suggest

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    I bolded my favorites and wrote
    Adonis - I do likey me some Adonis. But I think Atlas is more handsome and well just a little less conceited.
    Apollo - Fun. Between the god and Apollo Ohno and boy would be well served. I don't love Apollo with Cornelia though. They feel mismatched. I'd keep it for a mn list.
    Atlas - J'adore. It's on my extended list. (I have too many A's it lost out a bit. lol). I think of this as handsome, strong, and a little broody and sensitive.
    Balthazar - I keep thinking of Cole from Charmed. Cool, but well he's sort of the Devil. (Well super sexy devil.) If that doesn't bother you. Cool.
    Bellerophon - handsome and Bello would be a cool nn. (I know a Bello - it's his last name - and it always feels artsy and cool to me.)
    Cecil - nms.
    Celio - nms.
    Constantine - I love me some Constantine. Have it on an extended list.
    Cosmo - I like Cosima for a girl and Cosmo feels a little blunt to me.
    Edmund - Handsome and a great match with Cornelia.
    Endymion - Such an awesome name. I don't like it with Cornelia though.
    Hephaistion - I prefer Hephaestus. And since you have so many of the other gods this might work for you. I also like Hephaestus with Cornelia. Probably because it's just less popular/known than many of the more obvious Greek Gods.
    Isidore - Theoretically gorgeous. And I feel like I'm starting to sound like a broken record but…. with the Isabella variation craze I'd be worried that onomastic-neophites might think you gave a son a girls name and/or it will get a bit lost.
    Leander/Lysander - I prefer Lysander. Though, let's face it, while handsome he's just a bit whiney. I think you've got better (ie. Leonidas).
    Lionel - It feels a little lackluster in comparison to Lysander and Leonidas.
    Leonidas - Handsome, fierce and
    Lorcan - I think you have better.
    Nestor - Evil little villain.
    Odysseus/Ulysses - Oh Ulysses is a rare gem, even for us. Great, choice.
    Orpheus - I love but Ulysses feels cooler to me. I love both though.
    Paris - Paris (regardless of on a girl or boy) always strikes me as a bit Prissy and Pampered.
    Perseus/Percival - I prefer Perseus. Percival reminds of the singing Pig. Perseus is handsome.
    Phineas - Soft and silky and gentle. Perfect for any mommy's little man.
    Poseidon - Fun, but it feels so over the top that it makes the stunning Cornelia look like a wall flower.
    Severian - Interesting. I love Severite and Severian is just a hop (skip and a jump) off.
    Stanislav - nms.
    Stellan - nms.
    Wilfred - This feels very old professor with patches on his cardigan elbows to me. (With ginormous horn-rimmed glasses and a droney voice.) I think you have more fun options on your list.
    Zeus - see Poseidon.

    Boyfriend's ideas:
    Anastas - nms.
    Basil - I like Basil I think however it might serve you better as a mn. "Corn"elia and Basil are a bit plant specific and it doesn't bother me (I love Cornelius - but I had a number of Berries point out that they didn't like the Corn section and I think a brother named Basil would amp that up).
    Sherlock - I prefer Sherlock to Poseidon or Zeus. He feels like more of a Mensch with less obnoxious and chauvinistic flaws. But, honestly there really is only ONE Sherlock so unless you want to name your son specifically after him, I'd avoid it.
    Thaddeus - I actually love Theodore nn Thor and think it could be awesome for you. Thaddeus
    Wilfred - see above.
    Wolfgang - love it. It's my dad's name, and would be on my top 10 if my family weren't so freaking complicated.
    Zev (I prefer Zeus) - nms.
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