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    I know I'm late commenting on this, but as I was looking through the updated list, I saw Taliesin, and I fell in love. I think that would be the perfect name. I love the background as well. (Taliesin was the Celtic God of the Bards) Please please use that name.

    Also, I know Edmund is so dreadfully normal, but, and I'm assuming you've read the Chronicles of Narnia since you have both Caspian and Edmund on your list, in that context it is a beautiful thought.

    And Edmund Taliesin sounds rather lovely rolling off the tongue.
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    Also a little late, but I thought I would chime in to say I just love the pp suggestion of Edmond Taliesin, it's just gorgeous, Edmond Taliesin Balthazar to make it the double middle. I have to say I just adore Edmond and thinks it goes perfectly with Cornelia, it may be a little tame compared to the likes of Poseidon, but it is still a stand out name.

    The other names I love from your list:
    Leander and Lysander (If I was to pick one it would be Lysander but they are both great)
    Perseus (love, love, love!)

    I also think that Taliesin, Mars and Sherlock are great, but better suited to middle names. Sherlock especially because while it's a very cool name, and a brilliant character he's not exactly a perfect role model, and it is a very one person name.
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    I have not yet replied on this thread for reasons unknown...better late than never.

    Apollo - Love the stylish -o ending, but I think this would work better in the middle.
    Atlas - Absolutely love, love, love Atlas.
    Balthazar - I wish I was brave enough to have this on my list.
    Caspian vs Cassian - Both names are lovely but I prefer Caspian - it feels light, airy and whimsical while still staying strong.
    Constantine - Love this!
    Cosmo - Cosmo is super fun but, like Apollo, I think it would work better in the middle.
    Edmund - Edmund's always in my top 5, so I'm biased.
    Endymion - Endymion certainly is growing on me.
    Gwydion - So handsome.
    Harold - This is a name I've just never liked...for no apparent reason.
    Hector - Absolutely love this. Hector's always going back and forth between my first name list and my middle name list.
    Hyperion - So fun.
    Isidore - Love Isidore.
    Leander vs Lysander - I do like both names but I prefer Lysander. Leander feels slightly trendy to me.
    Lionel vs Leonidas - Leonidas for sure! I've had Rupert Leonidas on my list for a while now, and I've never been a fan of Lionel.
    Mars - Very fun. I think this would work better in the middle.
    Nestor - I never liked Nestor, but it's slowly growing on me.
    Ulysses - Absolutely love this.
    Orpheus - While I am fond of Orpheus, the word awful always springs to mind.
    Perseus vs Phineas - Both names are dashing. Although I'm a big fan of Phineas, I actually prefer Perseus.
    Poseidon - Stunning, though I think I would move Poseidon to the middle.
    Severian vs Stellan - Both are lovely, but I prefer Stellan.
    Sherlock - Sherlock is so fun. I would move him to the middle however as the connection with Mr. Holmes is too strong in my opinion.
    Stanislav - Love this name.
    Sylvan vs Sylvester - I can never get Sylvester the cat out of my mind when I hear Sylvester, so my choice would be Sylvan. So handsome.
    Taliesin - Unexpected yet sort of familiar. Love this option.
    Thaddeus - I used to love this name and now I'm slightly underwhelmed by it.
    Wilfred - Adorable.

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    Of you list, names that stood out to me and seemed to work well with Cornelia's name were:


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