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    @fluzie: yes, gorgeous! Leonitine Athena Constance is actually very beautiful.
    @Otter: Yep, I see. That's just something so overly sexy in Roxy(they even sound alike!) that bugs me. And who said Az, Otter and Con are gone? Not me, I just listed my loves of the moment. Yes, today I feel I like Gwenonwy much more but she is so complicated I am kind of afraid. Yes, me and afraid. That's so sweet you remember middles from my last thread and may I say I enjoy Leontine Proserpina Ismay, Leontine Viola Melusine and Gwenore Lavinia Rosalie so much. Thank you very much, love.
    @southern.maple: thank you very much, I agre Minnie/Lovie and Nelly are super cute.
    @Gwen: Aw, the Mirabal sisters, now I see. Great, how the fun I had forgotten about this reference? Definitely a point accrued to Minerva. And Lavinia. I love her, she is so silky and lavender, sleek and vintage but that's a point of her getting popular. Firstly, she has kind of hip Matilda vibe; she is Ava G's middle name and she is beautiful. And Cornelis won't get very popular because of her corn syllable. I mean I wouldn't like to be a Myrtle when my sis is Florence ; they both have the same vibe but Flo seems much more prettier to people. So, I don't want anybody to think that Lavinia has a gorgeous name and her sister has an ugly one. (Of course, I love both but I try to look aside).

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    Oooo top 8. You're making great progress on the eliminations front. (I underlined my favorite 4).
    (FYI: funny that you think Roxy sounds like sexy. You should NEVER try Lexie on for size then. I get a ton of Slexy's when my friends are drunk. <head shake>).

    I'm still loving: Minerva, Artemida (so much more fun than Artemis), Leontine, Gwenore, and Pomeline.
    And... where as I didn't like Electra/Elektra much Elettra is brilliant.
    These seem like the second tier to me: Olympia & Gwenonwy
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    Ok, let's see. Here are my rankings from your top 8:
    Minerva - The more I think about it, the more I realize how perfect Minerva and Cornelia are together. Plus, she has some of the best namesakes out there
    Artemida - Another one rising in my rankings. You are all right - she is indeed just so unabashedly fun while still maintaining an underlying elegance. I also love that she's slavic.
    Leontine - Ok, I'm a bit more in the Leocadia camp, but I still do like Leontine very much.
    Olympia - So, so majestic with such adorable nn's.
    Elettra - Absolutely beautiful name.
    Gwenore - the more sophisticated of your Gwen names, I believe. She oozes with chicness while still not being at all pretentious. She's just wonderful with Cornelia.
    Pomeline - She's so cute and I love her nn's, but she just doesn't have the same substance as the other names on you list.
    Gwenonwy - I truly love this name, I just don't think she stands up to Cornelia - but that's me.
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    So many beautiful names, how have I missed this thread? I love Minerva, Olympia, Gwenonwy and Pomeline. I think that Cornelia and Minerva sound absolutely ravishing together, and Minerva definitely is my favourite from your list. Cornelia and Pomeline is also a very gorgeous set of names.
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    My ranking of your top 8:
    1. Minerva
    2. Pomeline - my new favourite with Cornelia.
    3. Artemida
    4. Leontine
    5. Gwenonwy
    6. Olympia
    7. Elettra
    8. Gwenore
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