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    Quote Originally Posted by mclevine View Post
    Thank you, Ottilie, I love you.
    Wohoo, love you too .

    Some more, because I can't help myself. not that you need anymore.

    Aethelwyne - probably better as a middle. It means friend of the elves, which is quite wonderful.
    Albinia - this used to be on your list, where did it go? It's gorgeous! The Goddess faery of the dawn.
    Aliénore - I met one yesterday and it made my heart jump and I thought of you.
    Asteria - maybe easier to get your beau on board with this one (compared to Astoria, which I know you love)?
    Azenor - medieval gorgeousness. She was a princess accused of adultery. She was trapped in a box, thrown into the ocean where she gave birth to a son.
    Calypso - I just like this for you. Cornelia and Calypso is unexpected, but beautiful.
    Clarissant - daughter of Morgause and Lot.
    Cydonia - epithet of Aphrodite.
    Eirawen - snow white!
    Erianthe - "sweet as many flower". Probably best as a middle, I just wanted to throw it out there.
    Fosette - means dimple! Probably best as a middle... but so cute.
    Glitonea - one of Morgana's sisters.
    Griselda - a name used by Boccaccio in Decameron. It's a horrid tale really, her husband tests her obedience in some terrible ways, but the name is rather nice.
    Heliabel - other name for Dindrane.
    Hortensia/Ortensia - I think you could pull this off.
    Juventas - I love this name, Roman Goddess of youth.
    Lanuvina - Instead of Lavinia, obviously. An epithet of Juno, quite warrior like. Lavinia derives from Lavinium.
    Laomedia - a nereid! Like the christall sheen...
    Lyonesse - you like lions.
    Lysianassa - a neried.
    Lysistrata - awesome Greek chick, the play is fantastic.
    Nerissa - The Merchant of Venice.
    Orseis - a nymph.
    Ortygia - epithet of Artemis.
    Quenilda/Quenilla - old medieval name; "battle" + "queen".
    Rixende - I read this in Kate Mosse's Labyrinth, I think it's beautiful.
    Rosenwyn - "fair rose"
    Zinevra - another woman in Boccaccio's Decameron.
    Zosteria - epithet of Athene.
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Whoa, more! You get more and more wonderful day by day, my dear friends!
    @Sessha: thank you much and yes, I have noticed the similarity in our boys. I have to be clunkier with ladies because we already have a Cornelia. Interesting ranking and hooray, suggestions! I love Letitia, Sybil and also Pandora and Belphoebe but I don't think I can get my man on board with last two. Thank you much!
    @chrisco: thanks and yes, I like Mercedes(derived from Mercy, so nice!) but the car brand destroyed it for me.
    @Gwen: thank you, so fun and interesting! I rather like the clunky-cute definition, by the way.
    @Bonnie: thanks and actually we are in Russian now Viola is familiar here but almost never used. Oh well, Nell Gwynn. I haven't thought of her but, hm, actually Nelly and Gwennie. I don't know, that's pretty bad.
    @Christina: thank you, I like Artemisia but it's so fluffy and frilly and Cornelia is not.
    @fluzie: thanks, I actually think Leontine may be our favorite right now!
    @OttieOtter: oh, perfection. You want me to be have a neverending list but it's fine because you have absolutely gorgeous ideas! Thanks a billion! I love Aethelwyne, Albinia(and Albina! She is in the middles now because we have a Elaine in the family and it's quite close), Asteria(yep, boyfie doesn't like the hotel connection but Story is just too cute), Azenor (whoa, her story reminded me of Puskin's fairy tale which I used to like as a child So cute!), Eirawen, Erianthe, Lyonesse, Lysistrata, Rosenwyn and Zinevra. I like Grizelda but she was a Cinderella's stepsister in Russian translation, can you imagine? That's a pity, she is so pretty.

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    Minerva, Olympia and Gwenore are my top 3.

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    Thanks Olympia, already down to three, wow.
    Updates coming!

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    Who had gone: Aqulina, because she is in the danger of being misread, though she is Roman so probably to the middles; Melpomene because I prefer Pomeline; Nemea moved to the middles because she doesn't have enough power in my eyes.
    Who is new: Belphoebe! Can you imagine? Boyfriend quietly suggested these because it turned out he likes Phoebe AND the fairy stuff. Nearly dropped my jaw, J is so weird sometimes. I think I should ask Ottile because Belphoebe kind of belongs to her in my view . Obviously, Bee would rule out Belerophon but he has moved without her help.Gwyneira. I love her much, especially if we end up with a winter girl but she will have to vs with Gwenore and Gwenonwy.
    And who is still toying back and forth: Leto. I just realized how much I love her and the wonderful meaning in Russian. Roxana. Boyfriend likes her but she would make me get rid of Hep even in the middle because she have poisoned him by reason of jealousy(she was Alexander's wifey and Hephaistion was his best friend; she thought he was his lover and got jealous; she is thought to be Alex's poisoner as well, such a bad girl). And I hate the nickname Roxy. Hatshepsut. Firstly, she was such a powerful and heroic woman and, what's even more appealing, she can get me to the nickname Hattie. Oh and Azenor! Such an amazing story(see Ottilie's comment above), which remindes me of my childhood favorite fairy tale and the lovely sound. And nickname Zena! Or AZ, so cute.

    So, again, help me with your magic powers, rank and pick best! I would also like to hear opinions on Belphoebe, Gwyneira, Leto, Roxana, Hatshepsut and Azenor.
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