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    Thank you very much,@kalaway. And Nemea...I love Medea and I kind of understand her feelings but the story is so horrifying I wouldn't dare use her name.

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    I can't believe I didn't see this thread - esp after posting on the other. Silly me. But here we are now.... (I bolded my favorites).

    Aquilina - I have a similar issue with this as I did with Basil. I hear Aqua = water when I say Aquilina out loud. It's too much on the consumables for me.
    Artemida/Artemis - I love both but I think Artemida is more interesting. (Also I happen to have Artemis on my boys GP list after reading and loving the Artemis Fowl books). Artemia is also with great nn Mia.
    Constance & Cressida - I prefer Constance to Cressida but it's too similar to Cornelia for me. Also I'd be worried about starting a C- theme. I know I might seem irrelevant now but would you feel the same way when baby -girl #3 comes around and you really want to use Avalonia or something.
    Electra - To me it's bubbly, fun and full of electricity.I personally prefer it as a mn instead of a as a first - as I think it could add a little zing and sparkle to a name. I tend to worry that it might be a big name to live up to - esp if you end up with a very shy little girl.
    Eluned - nms.
    Gwenonwy - Gwenonwy feels a bit heavy on the syllables while having such a light meaning. It throws me off. (Maybe I'm saying it incorrectly but...)
    Gwenore - I prefer Gwenore to Gwenonwy.
    Lavinia - I really like Livia but Lavinia just sounds ugly to me. I don't really like Lav- words though.
    Leocadia/Leontine - theoretically Leocadia great but I sooo prefer Leontine. Leocadia is a little clunky while Leontine is elegant and flawless. (except that it would be another feminization of a male name - just like Cornelia is. there is nothing wrong with that but once again it's theme. My cousin has daughters Philip@ and Robert@ and then named his third Coredli@. Which 5 years later still strikes me as odd).
    Melusine - nms.
    Melpomene/Pomeline - I really like Pomeline. It feels rather perfect for a little sister of Cornelia. It has a similar length and old fashioned flair but isn't another feminization.
    Minerva/Athena - Minerva is just more fun than Athena.My only concnern wouldbe the HP connection to C Hermione W though most people would never really notice/discover that now would they?
    Nemea - nms.
    Pelagia - nms.
    Proserpina - I always want to say Phospherina instead of Proserpina. this could be a strictly dyslexic thing but it does turn me off the name.
    Olympia - I adore Olympia and think it would be smashing for a sister of Cornelia.
    Sophronia - nms.
    Viola - I adore Viola. It's all dark purple and soft music in a starry night to me. Glamorous and lush and a teen-age girl with
    Ottoline - Ottoline is utterly adorable. I like this with Cornelia a lot but (of course I have one of those) it's another feminization, just a thought. (I do love these as well though).
    Galatea - Galantea is marvelous and clunky as all get out and next to Cornelia it feels overly opulent and grandiose.
    Ceridwen - Still have the same C concerns but I do like Ceridwen a lot. If I were you I'd probably move this to the middle name list. Viola Ceridwen for example sounds marvelous to me.
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    Thank you so much, @lexiem. About Leontine: I don't care about themes at all, honestly. Leon is rare so not so many people know that Leontine it's also a feminization. And I think HP theme is kind of cool but, actually, Miverva would be more for godess.

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    Good to know!
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    This is funny, our taste in boys' names is so similar, but in girls' names we have distinctly different styles. It's hard for me to get on board with some of the clunkier names, so my "True Loves" list is short this time around. Hopefully I can make up for that with a long suggestion list!

    Melusine – slinky, silvery, mermaid-esque, and utterly magical.
    Viola – love the Shakespearean connection, especially after watching Shakespeare in Love

    Likes, just not True Loves:
    Sophronia - this is really pretty and I love the rolling O sounds


    Not a Fan (most of these it's just due to the difference in our personal styles, I like flowy and ethereal so many of these are clunkier than my personal taste):
    Constance – This is the ultimate severe/proper name to me. Think a heavily starched nun.
    Electra – all I can think of is Freud's Electra Complex.
    Gwenonwy / Gwenore – I definitely prefer Gwyneira and Gwyneth, even Guinevere. Gwenonwy in particular is awkward to say with all the repeated N and W sounds.
    Melpomene/Pomeline – When I say Pomeline, it sounds like pummeling, so that turns me off.
    Proserpina – I think of porcupines

    Parthenia – I've been in love with this name ever since I saw her, and she seems to fit your style perfectly!
    Belphoebe / Belladonna
    Theophania / Theodosia
    Hypatia – I personally dislike the sound, but LOVE the namesake and think she fits well with your other choices
    Leticia / Letitia – nn Lacey
    Astoria – nn Story!
    Thalia / Thalassa
    Melisande / Melisandre
    Wilhelmina – my dream nn for this is Whimsy, although I do love the Mina Harker reference
    Sybil / Sybelle / Sybella etc. – love the oracle reference
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