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    Yep, I have met way too many women 40 + yrs old with the name Pelagia and most of them ruined the name completely to me. But I think it could work on USA and I liked it even better as a middle :-)

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    And we've made it to 4 pages! Thank you ladies, you are wonderful!
    @Olympia: thanks, neat top!
    @Reverie: thank you.
    @calista: thanks, I see you can't wait to do middles, can you?
    @Amy: thank you so much, great top and I am so happy somebody is waiting for my threads, yay!
    @bellerose: OK, you've made it clear for me, as I only know one Pelagia in her 20-s. Thanks, beauty!

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    I didnt mean to offend you . Sorry if i did

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    @bellerose: no, you didn't, don't worry. So sweet of you to do this!

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    Aquilina - like a lot!
    Athena - love!
    Artemis - love
    Ceridwen - very pretty
    Cressida - pretty
    Eluned - pretty
    Gwenore/Gwenonwy - I can't decide if I like these or not. I adore the name Gwen, but these are just unfamiliar to me though their sounds are beautiful
    Lavinia - love
    Melusine - not bad
    Minerva - like a lit
    Olympia - okay, I prefer Octavia though
    Viola - love! beautiful

    Constance - I don't truly dislike this one, it just feels so stuffy. The meaning is, of course, lovely, but it feels like naming a kid Constable or Consonant
    Electra - this feels too much like a superhero name to me. Like her husbands name should be Frozone.
    Leocadia/Leontine - Leo is so masculine to me that it's hard to see these as girls names
    Melpomene - completely unfamiliar, but I'm just not fond of the sound combination. There are many more attractive Mel names and the "mean" ending throws me off
    Pomeline - Pomeline just makes me think of a pommel on a saddle or the pommel horse in gymnastics
    Nemea - I much prefer Medea to Nemea, it's just so much more attractive to me. Bit too Nemo I guess
    Ottoline - I've never been able to love this one. All I see is Otto/Auto line--aka traffic (a line of cars)
    Pelagia - this reminds me too much of paraplegia
    Proserpina - just not attractive to me, feels very literal. Liking naming a child Wealthina.
    Sophronia - in my head it's a combo of soporific and a soft freeze and sophomore. Kinda like Freshmettia.
    Galatea - I don't truly hate this one, but I see Gattica (movie title) and Galatia (ancient land area)
    Top Names: Benedict Calvin & Noelle Geneva
    Olivia/Livy : Darah/Bethel : Eve/Verity
    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
    Due in January!

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