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    I adore my name. Machion Inez... but if i changed my name... i couldn't i can't think of any...
    Oops my name is orinally spelled Michon but my mom mis-spelled it. it's pronounced Mee-chon soft ch. we say Ma-chon with soft ch. i was suppose to be Ayla or Alaina Inez
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    I don't my mind my name, Addison Claire, but I find it boring. I'm just another Addison with a filler middle name...
    If I changed it, I think I'd be maybe Spencer Anna Caroline, or maybe just Arden Clara.

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    My name is Danielle and I am not keen on it.....perhaps we could swap
    My name is very common for my age group and location.
    What would I like to be called that I think would suit me?
    Scarlet probably

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    fiammetta Guest
    At the moment, Bryony.

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    My name is Shilo Danielle and despite not liking it when I was younger, I love it now. It fits me. I wouldn't change it.
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