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    I love my fn Julia!! It's perfectly professional enough for school and work and such, but my friends and family can call me Jules (or my dad calls me JuJu Bean ) if they want or they can just use Julia. I really like my name: it worked as a baby, a kid, it works now as a teenager and it will work perfectly as an adult. I think it is timeless, which I LOVE in a name.

    My mn, on the other hand, I really dislike. It's combo of my grandma's name Sherry and my other grandma's name Donna. The only time I've ever seen my middle name anywhere is the name of an Oregon town, spelled differently. I've always wished my middle name was Katherine or Charlotte, because both sound nice with my name.


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    Valeria to Danielle? they have two totally different vibes to me, but as a pen name go for it.

    i wouldnt change my name, even if i dont like it sometimes.

    i think that any unhappiness i have with myself or my identity has nothing to do with what i am called or my looks - its me.

    if i have to change something about myself to be happier what does that say about me?

    that i am nothing but what others have shaped and told me i should be, including 'i should be whoever i want' when i am already myself.

    ps - you seem the exception to my experience of people who re-name themselves always picking something super popular/exotic/princessy/hippie like Angelique, Sunshine Skye, Jade, Maya, Ottomotopia, something Celtic that you have to look up to pronounce etc
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    I don't mind my first name (Kate) but I'm not crazy about my mn (Linda) - if I felt more strongly about it, I would change my mn to something a little wild & naturey, like Sorrel or something.
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    I have always felt my name just wasn't me, I've always disliked the meaning 'Man' (my name is Andrea btw), plus I dislike that it is a boys name in Italy since I have Italian heritage. I also hate the nicknames for my name....Andie // Andy, Drea, Dre &, Annie, yuck!! I'd change it to Adriana most likely, Adriana Catherine instead of Andrea Renee. Adriana & Catherine were the two other names my parents were thinking of naming me but didn't .... wish they would of!
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    I adore my name. Machion Inez... but if i changed my name... i couldn't i can't think of any...
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