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    Aidan is a nice name but I would not use it as a first name or a name that I potentially wanted my son to go by. If it's just going to be a rarely used middle name, it's perfect. I have a Kaden, Jayden, and Brayden in my class this year! They're 8 years old but I think the trend is still going strong! Those names drive me nuts, too popular!

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    Katemp91 and Norbury; glad you think it works in the middle

    Ash; that's what I want too, to use a name that I love but without adding to the ever-expanding trend.

    Kyemsma; Aidan "too different?" Oh, if only he could have seen the future... Jack Aidan is a very nice combo.

    Ali_O; yes, it would most likely be a rarely used middle, not one that he would get called by on a daily basis (unless he was in trouble anyway, ha).

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    Go for it.

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    I've always found Aidan fairly unremarkable, but I have to say, Jack Aidan is stunning.

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    I'm very fond of the name Aidan due to memories of my childhood friend's church (St. Aidan's...) where I *wasn't* at all a member or anything but they were always kind and welcoming. It has a nostalgic, friendly sound to me. And it's NOT a made-up name akin to Zayden! It's the only "-ayden" name I like, but it does peeve me that the Aidan spelling is now considered a bit odd compared to Aiden, which I dislike.

    But I go back and forth on whether I'd use it as a first name. I do think it works well in the middle.

    I like it with, generally, a longer first that doesn't end in n:
    Gregory Aidan - Classic, but not very popular first.
    Zachary Aidan
    Dominic Aidan
    Patrick Aidan
    Gabriel Aidan
    Nathaniel Aidan

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