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    Anastasia " Ana " - love
    Amity " Ami " - like
    Artemis - this could definitely grow on me "Arty"
    Aphrodite - dislike if pronounced "afro-di-tee"
    Edward - dislike
    Eva / Ever - nice but a bit boring and overused both
    Maximilian - dislike
    Nightingale - dislike
    Soleil - dislike
    Soul - like
    Wisteria - ok
    Yvaine - love
    Isabella - like, bit boring though
    Isolde - dislike if pronounced "iz-OLD"
    Ophelia - love
    Persephone " Persy " - ok
    Psyche - dislike
    Remember " Remy" - dislike
    Wolfsbane " Wolf " - dislike
    Grey - dislike, what about something a little more femenine that evokes a similar idea such as Silver, Winter or Neve

    Ophelia Isabel
    Artemis Neve
    Anastasia Isabel
    Amity Soul
    Yvaine Neve

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    Thank you all

    @blink : thanks for the combos : I love Anastasia Isabel .
    “The kindest words my father said to me
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    Anastasia " Ana " - a little bit magical yet very wearable at all ages
    Artemis - can't see it on a 21st century girl!
    Aphrodite - goddess of pleasure and procreation, too many connotations for a little girl in my opinion!
    Eva / Ever { I cant decide } - I prefer Eva, I know it's rising in popularity but Ever will constantly have her name second guesses.
    Maximilian { see Edward } " Mila or Max " - Funnily enough I can see this for a girl! Cute but powerful way to get Mila
    Nightingale { middle name } - nms but anything goes for middles!
    Soleil { ditto above } -ditto
    Soul { ditto above } -ditto
    Wisteria { ditto above }-ditto
    Yvaine - dislike
    Isabella - common I know, but it's just such a pretty and versatile name!
    Isolde - dislike, don't know how to pronounce
    Ophelia - dislike
    Persephone " Persy " - i know this is a nameberry fave but i've always hated it, sounds harsh and nasty to me
    Psyche { middle name } - wouldn't go there
    Remember " Remy " - I love Remy/Remi, but Remember is a bit too weird.
    Grey - dislike

    Faves: Remy, Isabella, Eva, Max/Mila

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    I really dislike Aphrodite, Eva, Wisteria, Yvaine and Psyche.

    The ones I like are Soul, Ophelia, Remember and Grey. I loooove Gray for a girl but would use that spelling.
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    @orange : You and me ( and Sabrina ) like Maximilian on a girl . Thank you .

    @mikayla : Thank you . I like Gray but i think i love more Grey . You say you like Remember , Do you think is usable as a first ?

    Update list :


    Middles :


    If you have any suggestions that you think fitt my list please tell me . I really want to have a top 10 but i my brain is stucked

    EDIT : Also in a previous thread someone suggests to me the name Nemea with the nn Lion . What do you think ?
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    “The kindest words my father said to me
    Women like you drown oceans.”

    ~ Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey
    Charlie Remy Lou
    Liam Tom Victor

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