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    @skyesime98 : Thank you . I think Edward and Maximilian will stay in my GP list lol . I LOVE your suggestion about Thisbe . I have actaully forget about that !! Thanks for mentioned

    EDIT : I realised that some names on my list are terrible !! So if you have any suggestions about names in style as mythological / romantic / literature are more than welcome
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    Love Artemis, Wisteria, Ophelia, and Persephone (with nn Persy or Effie)!

    Not a fan of any of the rest.

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    Anastasia " Ana "— I think this is a very beautiful classic.
    Amity " Ami "— Glad this is out because "Ami" just looks like a youneek spelling of Amy.
    ArtemisWay, WAY too masculine sounding.
    Aphrodite — Sexualized. Not appropriate.
    Edward { big GP for the girl } " Dare or Teddy " — Glad this is out. That's quite the GP!
    Eva / Ever { I cant decide } — Yeah Eva is fine, but ever, never.
    Maximilian { see Edward } " Mila or Max " — Glad this is out. Jessica Simpson already staked a version of this seriously over-the-top boys' name and it was not received well.
    Nightingale { middle name } — I could maybe sign off on this as a middle. Very eccentric and ethereal.
    Soleil { ditto above } — Sure, I could go for this. I could go for it a lot more if the child has some sort of french heritage, and was born in the summer.
    Soul { ditto above } — Over the top.
    Wisteria { ditto above } — This is all 'Desperate Housewives' to me. But it is just a flower, and in the middle spot, I wouldn't be too put off by it.
    Yvaine — Extremely obscure. Big pronunciation issues. Looks like, "Why vain?" at first glance.
    Isabella — Boring. Unless it's a family name with personal signficance, this one is way played out.
    Isolde — Sounds appealing on paper, but in the real world, hardly anyone is going to give the name the romantic pronunciation it deserves. Many will see it as "Is Old."
    Ophelia — Uncommon and charming. I'm not seeing an easy nickname out of it, though, and with four syllables, it's kind of a mouthful on its own.
    Persephone " Persy " — Has a very mythical, magical vibe, yet it's cute. Percy, however, is a male name. But given your taste in GP's, I doubt that bothers you.
    Psyche { middle name } — Really silly. Bad idea.
    Remember " Remy " — Even sillier. Obscure word names are rarely successful.
    Wolfsbane " Wolf " — Glad this is out. If you ever have a boy, Wolfgang is a pretty awesome name. But this one doesn't even sound good.
    Grey — Nah. Pop culture (Anatomy and 50 Shades of), played out, only viable in the middle spot, and even then it's just... trendy.
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    Anastasia " Ana ": Pretty.
    Artemis: Gorgeous.
    Aphrodite: Lovely lovely lovely!
    Eva / Ever { I cant decide }: Prety Eva my a long shot.
    Nightingale { middle name }: Cute! Eva Nightingale is nice.
    Soleil { ditto above }: Nice.
    Soul { ditto above }: Prefer Soleil.
    Wisteria { ditto above }: Lovely.
    Yvaine: Pretty!
    Isabella: A bit too common for my taste, but it's nice.
    Isolde: love this!
    Ophelia: very pretty.
    Persephone " Persy ": I prefert the nickname Sepphie, but it's gorgeous.
    Psyche { middle name }:
    Remember " Remy ": Sorry, but a bit silly.
    Grey: A bit dull for a girl. "Hey my name is Indigo, what's your's?" "I'm Grey." It just doesn't sound right.
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    Hmm... I'll try not to be redundant.

    Anastasia " Ana " - pretty, but a bit frilly

    Persephone " Persy " - I kind of love all of them but I think that with the mythologic connections that it takes a special child to wear them well. Oh, and I prefer "Effie" as a nn for Persephone.

    Eva & Isabella - Yep, they're really popular but that's because they're great classics.

    Nightingale { middle name } - I think this is an awesome middle (though, as a nurse, I may be biased); we have Lark, Wren, and Birdie, why not Nightingale?

    Soleil { ditto above } - Me likey.

    Soul { ditto above } - Nope.

    Wisteria { ditto above } - Beautiful.

    Yvaine - So beautiful and romantic.

    Isolde - Pronunciation maybe an issue, but it's really grown on me.

    Ophelia - Beautiful.

    Psyche { middle name } - I like her story but definitely only for the middle.

    Remember " Remy " - Just seems silly or like it would cause confusion.

    Grey - I would keep this in the middle for a girl.

    P.S. I love some of the combos that pp's suggested... Artemis Grey is amazing!

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