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    Anastasia - I adore this name she's really elegant, regal, and intriguing. I love the range of nicknames that Anastasia has as well as the Russian history connotations.

    Amity - I do Amity she feels like an interesting twist on the ever so beige Amy (which is a name I dislike) Amity looks so pretty and wholesome as well.

    Artemis - The name of my old drama teacher's child. Her and her little girl caused me to fall in love with Artemis, and now I adore this name. I think she's really pretty, exotic, and has a sparky vibe. I also adore the nickname Arty as well.

    Aphrodite - For me this name is over the top.

    Edward - Seriously? What?! Your going to name your beautiful baby girl Edward? What?! Weird!!

    Eva/Ever - I like both but for me Eva is so elegant, pretty with such a bluesy edge. Eva is a brilliant name!

    Maximilian - oh please your going to name your daughter Maximilian can't you tell the difference between boy and girl's names or are you the next Jessica Simpson...? This is so ridiculous! What about Maxine?

    Nightingale - If your maiden name is Nightingale or your mother's maiden name is fine, go for it, a great family association, really common thing to do in Scotland for example, but if it's just a random name you like I'm not understanding this. If you have a thing for Florence Nightingale go with the name Florence, because Nightingale is weird.

    Soleil - Love it! A gorgeous name of French origin meaning sun, it's a great middle name choice for something strong and classical like Vivian. I love the connotations of summer, sunshine, and heat that is conjured up from this classic. Soleil is brilliant.

    Soul - A little too hippy for me...

    Wisteria - Makes me think of desperate housewives I'm unsure on this one would prefer Waverley?!

    Yvaine - I actually like this name, I think Yvaine makes an intriguing choice. She's a lovely Scottish classic with a beautiful meaning 'evening star' I do like Yvaine but I prefer her as a middle name.

    Isabella - Yeah I love Isabella she's a gorgeous Italian classic. I adore the nickname associations Issy, Isa, Belle, Bella etc. She's a great classic.

    Isolde - I really adore Isolde, she's a lovely name, she has a great Welsh sound and feels really crisp. The meaning 'ice ruler' makes her sound intriguing and majestic. I also love the Issy nickname which makes her feel friendlier.

    Ophelia - She's grown on me so much, Ophelia sounds beautiful has such a charming sound and looks wholesome. Ophelia is a brilliant choice I adore the 'Lia' nickname as well. Ophelia also has brilliant literacy connotations.

    Persephone - Again I really love this name!! Persephone has brilliant intriguing sound, I also love the Greek mythology association it makes Persephone feel timely and elegant. Sephy is a great nickname as well.

    Psyche - Weird!!

    Remember - Hmm not keen on Remember, feels a little odd. What do you think of Roma?

    Wolfsbane - Ugly!! Also Wolf feels so masculine.

    Grey - A lovely middle name choice. I like the idea of Clementine Grey as a combination for example.

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    Anastasia - Love. And the nn Ana is cute too
    Amity - Not a fan
    Artemis - Love
    Aphrodite - Its a bit too much
    Edward - Er...what? This is a boy's name. Period.
    Eva / Ever - Eva is okay, but I severely dislike the name Ever
    Maximilian - ...NO
    Nightingale - Meh. Better than Edward and Maximilian though
    Soleil - Not really my style
    Soul - Again, nmy
    Wisteria - Actually kind of cute
    Yvaine - Love. Thank you Stardust!
    Isabella - Meh
    Isolde - Dislike. It just sounds weird to me
    Ophelia - Pretty
    Persephone - Same as Aphrodite
    Psyche - Names like these don't really sound like names to me. To me, they're just words slapped on a child
    Remember - I prefer Remy on a boy, and Remember isn't a name. Its a verb.
    Wolfsbane - Too masculine for a little girl
    Grey - I think this would be a cool name to see on a girl. Awesome
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    I love...


    I like...

    Anastasia " Ana "
    Amity " Ami "
    Nightingale { middle name }
    Wisteria {ditto above }
    Grey (mn only)


    Artemis Grey - swoon!
    Persephone Grey
    Eva Nightingale - love!
    Yvaine Wisteria
    Amity Isabella
    Isolde Anastasia
    All the best,

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    Anastasia " Ana " - Pretty. People now associate it with 50 Shades of Grey, though.
    Amity " Ami " - Eh. I can't quite see the appeal of virtue names, and this one just makes me think of the setting of Jaws.
    Artemis - Gorgeous, love it.
    Aphrodite - Awesome and lovely like Artemis, but perhaps slightly less wearable.
    Edward { big GP for the girl } " Dare or Teddy " - It's frumpy enough on a boy. If you use it on a girl, people will assume you're a particularly rabid Twilight fan who just couldn't wait until she had a boy.
    Eva / Ever { I cant decide } - Eva is much less obnoxious than Ever, but neither stands out to me.
    Maximilian { see Edward } " Mila or Max " - A cooler sound than Edward, but still horrible on a girl. Just use Maxine if you want Max.
    Nightingale { middle name } - It's ok. Pretty imagery. Works in the middle.
    Soleil { ditto above } - Nice enough.
    Soul { ditto above } - No. Just no.
    Wisteria { ditto above } - Not the most accessible flower name, but it works.
    Yvaine - Prettier than Yvonne or Elaine, but still not my favorite. I like the Stardust association, though.
    Isabella - Solid classic that happens to be megapopular at the moment--I'd demote it to middle for that reason. Or use another variation of Isabel.
    Isolde - Eh. Not a fan of the character or of the sound.
    Ophelia - Sooooo gorgeous. I love O names and ph- sounds and -elia endings, so this name is perfect IMO.
    Persephone " Persy " - Lovely, but I'd call her Sephy for short. Persy is too prissy for me.
    Psyche - Love the sound, but it's not wearable. No one would spell it right. It'd be fine in the middle, though.
    Remember " Remy " - No. Remember is annoying, Remy on a girl is also annoying.
    Wolfsbane " Wolf " - Also no. Sounds masculine, and why would you name a child after poison?
    Grey - Please, name your daughters Edward, Isabella, Anastasia, and Grey. No one will assume anything.
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    The only name I like is Eva. The ones I think you really shouldn't use are Edward, Wolfsbane, Nightingale (even as a middle), Maxmillian, Psyche, and Wisteria.

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