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    You have very well named cousins @ciottolo

    Leonardo Sebastian for me is perfection but i think i will go with two middles ( iam not sure yet ) . Can someone suggest a second middle for Leonardo Sebastian ?
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    @bellerose - Why thank you - I would love to take credit for their names, but unfortunately, I can only encourage others to use them. Oh, I do adore Leonardo Sebastian, and something like Leonardo Sebastian Noble or Leonardo Sebastian Prosper (guilty pleasure middle there!) would be perfect. Would you like something a bit longer or shorter? Leonardo Sebastian Alaric has lovely flow, but some might consider it slightly lengthy... I'll come back if I think of any more!

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    This list is gorgeous. The only ones I would take off are Agamemnon and Titan. My favourites are Orpheus, William, Damon, Orlando, Alexander and Alaric.

    Now, when your list of boys is filled to the brim with romantic beauty why on earth would you bestow such a name as Wolfsbane or Maximilian on a little pink fluffy girlie babe?
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Amadeus--love it as a mn
    Alaric--love it!
    Dorian--female to me
    Christian--unless he's agnostic/atheist/Buddhist, etc.
    Edward " Dare "--Dare is a stretch...not really a fan
    Gideon--strong, but too religious
    Romeo--love it
    Sebastian--love it
    Tristan--My favorite
    Titan--if he's big
    Noble { middle name }--nice
    Alexander { middle name }--first name!!
    Apollo--love it
    William " Liam "--handsome
    Leonardo " Leo "--smart
    Orpheus--rather dark
    Maximus " Max "--cute

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    @ ciottolo : Leonardo Sebastian Noble & Leonardo Sebastian Alaric are gorgeous !! Love them !! I dont mind big combos . Thank you

    @Ottilie : Agamemnon and Titan are propably my least favorite from my list , i just put them in the list to see what others think about them . As for girls , What can i say ? I try different styles from mythology to masculine to virtue but nothing feels right to me . In boys i know my style but in girls iam so lost .

    @rkrd : I cant use Alexander as a first . I dont want a junior
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