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    Amadeus - not bad, but kind of melodramatic
    Alaric - one of my favorites
    Agamemnon - way too much
    Damon - nice
    Dorian - meh
    Christian - meh
    Edward " Dare " - meh
    Gideon - meh
    Romeo - bleh!
    Sebastian - love
    Tristan - like a lot
    Titan - too much
    Noble { middle name } - nms
    Alexander { middle name } - love
    Apollo - too much
    William " Liam " - love
    Leonardo " Leo " - meh
    Orlando - nice
    Orpheus - too much
    Maximus " Max " - nms

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    Thank you all

    @bungo : Thanks for the suggestions !! I love Atlas ,Loki & Robin { middle name } .

    How you all feel about Cosmo ?

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    Amadeus- Not a big fan
    Alaric- I don't think people will be able to pronounce it
    Agamemnon- too long in my opinion
    Damon- I really like this one!
    Dorian- I envision it on an older person
    Christian- I like it and I like the nickname Chris
    Edward " Dare "- I love Dare it's so cute! And Edward is a nice name for once he gets older.
    Gideon- Really like this one! Nice and old-fashioned but not too outdated.
    Romeo-Don't really like this. I think he would get teased.
    Sebastian- I really like this one! It sounds nice and sophisticated.
    Tristan- LOVE this name! I think it's so cute on a little boy!
    Titan- I don't really like this one.
    Noble { middle name }-I do kind of like this as a middle name.
    Alexander { middle name }- I LOVE the name Alexander!!
    Apollo- I don't really like this one
    William " Liam "- Why not just name him Liam? But I like Liam and William either way.
    Leonardo " Leo "- Why not just Leo? I love Leo and I think Leonardo is kind of cute.
    Orlando- Reminds me of the city too much. No go for me.
    Orpheus- I don't really like this one either.
    Maximus " Max "- I prefer just Max but I do like Maximus a lot it's cute!

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    Isn't it funny, six names off your list are the names of some of my cousins - my family must have very similar taste to you! My favourites would be Christian, Edward (gosh, I love Edward and I like the originality Dare - Teddy is adorable though as well!), Sebastian, Orlando and Leonardo. Leonardo Sebastian would be fab! Good luck.

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