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    May 2013
    Favorites: Dorian, Leonardo, Tristan
    Least Favroites: Noble, Romeo, Apollo, Titan

    Amadeus - Interesting, in a good way
    Alaric - Love
    Agamemnon - Not sure. I think it may be a little too out there for a kid
    Damon - Meh
    Dorian - Love this one
    Christian - Dislike, but that's because of personal reasons
    Edward " Dare " - The name is okay, but I dislike the nn
    Gideon - Love it
    Romeo - Honestly, I don't think anyone will be able to look past the tragic love story. I know its all I see
    Sebastian - This is an okay one
    Tristan - A favorite of mine
    Titan - This seems over the top to me
    Noble - Kind of silly in my opinion
    Alexander - Its alright
    Apollo - Same as Titan
    William " Liam" - I love the name, but severely dislike the nn
    Leonardo " Leo " - LOVE this one. Its one of my favorites
    Orlando - Meh
    Orpheus - Again, just meh
    Maximus " Max " - I like this one as well. So strong and masculine
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    Amadeus: I like this name, and of course if has a fabulous namesake in Mozart, but I think I see it in the middle spot-the "Ama" beginning just strikes me as distinctly girly for a boy's first name.
    Alaric: I like this name-it balances well between cool and weird just perfectly
    Agamemnon: No. Sorry-I just can't image a three year old with this name (or anyone else for that matter, other than a really stern looking old guy with a scary, pointy beard)
    Damon: ditto "meh"
    Dorian: somehow slightly feminine for me, but still a good name
    Christian: good solid name (but overused where I live)
    Edward " Dare ": l like Edward, but lo-ove Dare as its nickname! For Edward itself I prefer Edmund.
    Gideon: LOVE! Strong and handsome and uncommon-it's one of my favorites on your list
    Romeo: still too tied to Shakespeare for me. There are names of other distinctly Shakespeare characters I would use, but I mean, Romeo is tragic teenage boy who dies-i'mnot feelin it.
    Sebastian: love this name! Can be cute for a little boy but also can grow up well I think.
    Tristan: meh-for some random reason I have never liked this name. Maybe because I know a bunch?
    Titan: too much
    Noble { middle name }: nice as a middle
    Alexander { middle name }: great middle!
    Apollo: maybe...
    William " Liam ": LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. William is such a strong, handsome, classical name, and a long-time favorite of mine. I've also loved Liam for a long time but knew I couldn't name one son William and another Liam. Well, using Liam as a nickname totally solves that problem. IMO, this is name perfection. I know it is very popular but it is just so great!
    Leonardo " Leo ": I definitely like just Leo better than Leonardo, but Leonardo's not bad
    Orlando: Bloom. This is a one-person name to me.
    Orpheus:I just can't stand the way this name sounds or looks. Don't ask me why, I'm highly irrational haha. I think it may be the "orph" it makes me think of the sound seals make- "Orf! Orf!"
    Maximus: I think it's the best "Max" name out there (or maybe tied with Maxwell IMO). I like it.
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    Thank you all !! I really appreciate it

    @alliecat : dont worry about that . i dont find it harsh at all

    PS If you have any combos in your mind , let me know

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    Favorites: Dorian, Sebastian, Alexander, William, Leonardo, Maximus
    Like but don't love: Edward, Damon, Tristan Orlando, Alaric

    Amadeus- not a fan. big name to live up to
    Alaric- kind of like it, but don't love it
    Agamemnon- not a fan.
    Damon- makes me think of matt damon
    Dorian- I really like this name even though it makes me think of Dorian Grey
    Christian- makes me think of Christian from Nip/Tuck and Christian Bale. Not in a good way.
    Edward " Dare "- Love Edward, not a fan of the nn
    Gideon- can't dissociate from Criminal Minds character
    Romeo- too big of a name to live up too.
    Sebastian- love
    Tristan- like it but don't love it
    Titan- really dislike it. all those gladiator movies and "Wrath of the Titans" ruined this for me.
    Noble { middle name }- not a fan of virtue names
    Alexander { middle name }- love
    Apollo- not a fan
    William " Liam "- adore this
    Leonardo " Leo "- love
    Orlando- like it a lot
    Orpheus- too close to "orifice" to be good.
    Maximus " Max "- so cute

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    Amadeus - growing on me the more I look at it but might be awkward if he turns out to be rubbish at music
    Alaric - don't mind this one
    Agamemnon - er, no
    Damon - like
    Dorian - a bit girly
    Christian - like
    Edward " Dare " - like
    Gideon - ok
    Romeo - not a huge fan
    Sebastian - like
    Tristan - like
    Titan - nope
    Noble { middle name } - ok as a middle name
    Alexander { middle name } - love Alexander.
    Apollo - quite like
    William " Liam " - like
    Leonardo " Leo " - like
    Orlando - it's ok
    Orpheus - nope
    Maximus " Max " - prefer just "Max" on its own.

    If you like Greek mythological names that aren't too out there, maybe ones like Hector or Jason (both heroes) could fit the bill?
    Other ideas from general mythology:

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