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    Twin girls Noni & Kiri

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    I know sisters Annaliese and Annabel.
    Wren (03.08), Estella (05.10), Blair (10.11), and Yves (12.13).

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    Sisters: Carol and Caroline

    They are 2 of over a dozen (only one boy in the set) that thankfully showed a bit more variation. Though, it always struck me as odd because they were the last two born and are only a year apart. Did Mom and Dad run out of ideas?
    * A Nameberry Nightmare*

    Mr. Fry: So, what should we name him?
    Mrs. Fry: Uh, you pick. I picked dinner last night.
    Mr. Fry: Well, I was thinking of Philip. After those screwdrivers?
    Mrs. Fry: That's a great idea! More morphine, please.

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    I know a family with boys named Braydon, Broderick "Brody", Brighton, and Briar.

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    In high school, twins Mary Elizabeth and Mary Clare
    Also, a set of triplets with biblical names (if I remember correctly), Noah, Moses, and Jonah

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