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    Cybele is pronounced completely different to how I would pronounced those other things on your list. And it's much lovelier, the others are just mush. I'd go with Cybele or Sybilla.

    Cybele - SI-buh-lee

    I would pronounce these like:
    Sibiley - SEE-bee-lee
    Sybiley - SIB-ee-lee
    Sibyley - SEE-bee-lee
    Sibillie - SEE-bee-lee-uh
    Sybelee - see-BEE-lee
    Sybilee - si-BIL-ee
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    Ok, as a non-expert I assumed it was pronounced the same as Sybil if that gives you an idea of an average first response.
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    I know, I know. I agree! I ADORE the name Cybele (which is NOT an alternate spelling for Cybil/Sybil -- think: Sib-a-lee) just as it is. My last name means "Valley of the lion" so I am particularly drawn to the imagery of the goddess being in the company of lions. It is everything a strong name should be. . . except easy to spell/ pronounce in this country.

    So, Cybele Bird remains my top choice.

    Perhaps you lovely ladies would like to weigh in on that versus the rest of my short list? They are as follows:

    Rosalie Eleanor (my main caveat here is that I disslike "Rosey")
    Matilda Eleanor
    Ofelia Eleanor nn: Fe
    And I love Halia, Veda, and Elora but I have gotten NOTHING but negative feedback from baby's entire family on those three (I know, shouldn't matter, but I kind of does.)

    Thoughts? I'm 29 weeks so it's beginning to be a bit ridiculous that I cannot make up my mind

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    I did not know how to pronounce Cybele...but I do think it's gorgeous now that I've seen how to say it!!!

    Cybele Bird & Ofelia Eleanor are my favorites from your list.

    Good luck =)

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    Thank you Jfern! It is a gorgeous name, no? So much more musical than Sybil (which, while I loved my grandmother dearly, still strikes me as a tough name for a small child to wear) while retaining both the Greek roots, and the same whimsical meaning.

    It seems like a name that will age well, too. There could totally be a senator Cybele, or Dr. Cybele. . . of course, I'm an artsy type so perhaps in 30 years we'll all have an "Original Cybele" hanging on our walls!

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