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    Finley - does my middle name go with this?

    My baby girl is due in 5 weeks. My husband and I have only been able to agree on Finley for a first name. I really want to use my mother's name, Evelyn, as the middle name in remembrance of her. We were thinking Finley Evelyn Rose. Now, my question is: sounding that name out, are there too many L's? As in, does it sound ok or completely awkward? I am starting to believe I'm either over thinking this or it really does sound weird....Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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    I prefer Rose in the middle- either Finley Rose Evelyn or (my favorite) Evelyn Rose Finley. It kind of depends on your surname, though. Evelyn Rose Finley actually sounds like a complete name, so it might not work as well when you add another on the end.

    I don't think it is terrible or anything, but it also doesn't have that totally natural, intuitive flow. Sorry, I don't imagine this helps much!

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    Finley Evelyn Rose is a lovely combo.

    I don't think there are too many L's, it's perfect as it is.
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    Depends on how you pronounce Evelyn. If it's like eev-lynn then it sounds a little off flow wise. But if you say it ev-uh-lynn then I think it sounds just fine.
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    dont think there are too many L's

    if it was Finley Everly then yes, too much

    though since Finley is so trendy and will date your daughters name i say go more classic:

    Evelyn Finley Rose
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