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    Isadora is a little too different from your other girls. Lucia is my favourite as Lucy is really cute. Olivia is nice and I prefer 'Liv'.

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    ohh i like Rosalie!

    Rosalie Brigitte
    Rosalie Mae

    idk i can't come up with any better middles right now, but i love Rosalie!

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    I like Lucia the most, followed by Isadora.
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    With your daughter's names, I like Olivia best. I also really like Rosalie.

    Rosalie Claire
    Rosalie Pearl
    Rosalie Faith
    Rosalie Kay
    Rosalie Brynn

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    Rosalie Joy/Faith/Hope or Olivia Rose; these two go with your other children's names the best, as they're classic and feminine without being too frilly or princess-y. Your daughters kind of have playful or maybe even tomboy nicknames, and Livvy gives me that feel too. I think Olly would fit too.

    I can tell you personally that being an Olivia is great.
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