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    After 3 boys..adopting a girl, Ellie NN

    We picked our baby girl up from the hospital 7 months ago. She is our foster daughter but now her case is going to termination and she will forever be with us <3

    Her birth name was not something that we wanted to call her (at all) but because she was foster we didn't want to just change her name since we didn't know what would happen with her we took part of her name and were able to NN her Ellie.

    Now with adoption approaching I would like to give her a "bigger" official name and keep Ellie as a NN. DH wants to just keep Ellie. What are your opinions and suggestions??

    Her middle name will be Kate Sophia (my first name and her birth middle name)
    My boys are Caden Matthew, Maxwell Broderick, Asher Knox


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    First of all, congratulations! It's wonderful that you get to adopt her. How old is she? Are her biological parents still living? What is her birth name that you've shortened to Ellie? Honestly, since you're calling her Ellie anyway, I would probably keep her real name or give her a name similar to it. I don't think Ellie Kate Sophia flows particularly well unless you make Ellie Kate one name and use Sophia as the middle name.

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    I know several people whose full first names are Ellie and it works just fine for them. Some ideas for names with the nn Ellie are...
    Eleanor, Elizabeth, Gabrielle, and so many more.

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    The nickname Ellie was a stretch from her birth name which is Angel, we do not care for it at all. Her biological parents are still living but are unable to parent her due to their circumstances. I have always wanted a daughter with my middle name but I think it is just as important that she keep part of her birth name as well...

    I agree that Ellie Kate Sophia doesn't flow well, that's why I'm of the opinion we should use a longer option. She is only 7 months so as long as we keep calling her Ellie she won't notice anything

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