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    After 3 boys..adopting a girl, Ellie NN

    We picked our baby girl up from the hospital 7 months ago. She is our foster daughter but now her case is going to termination and she will forever be with us <3

    Her birth name was not something that we wanted to call her (at all) but because she was foster we didn't want to just change her name since we didn't know what would happen with her we took part of her name and were able to NN her Ellie.

    Now with adoption approaching I would like to give her a "bigger" official name and keep Ellie as a NN. DH wants to just keep Ellie. What are your opinions and suggestions??

    Her middle name will be Kate Sophia (my first name and her birth middle name)
    My boys are Caden Matthew, Maxwell Broderick, Asher Knox


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