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    Rosalind... how would you say it?

    I really prefer Roe-zah-lind, but I know many people say Rah-zah-lind.

    Two more questions, since I'm still trying to build a list of hypothetical names for our bairns to be--

    1. Do you think it would be too matchy/similar to a sister named Alina, pronounced Uh-lee-nah? (Shared -lin sound.)

    2. Do you think it would sound too rhymey with a three-syllable surname ending in "man"? (Think of Gotherman.)

    Thanks as always!

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    I pronounce it Rahz-uh-lind (with a soft "d" sound on the end). This is the only way I have ever heard it pronounced.

    I think Rosalind is too close to Alina for a sibset. Even though the names are pronounced differently, 4 of the 5 letters in Alina occur consecutively in Rosalind. Alena might solve that problem for me.

    I do not particularly like the sound of Rosalind Gotherman. It would deter me from using the name, but all that really matters is how much it bothers you.

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    Rah-zah-lind would be more instinctive for me.

    1. No, it's fine together.
    2. I think this is okay as well. My first and last name both end with very hissy "S" sounds and it's never bothered me.
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    i say Rosalind because i see it as a Rose variation name.

    no to both questions

    not too similar with the lin sound, Rosalind has the D to take the mind away from any similarity

    and the three syllable last name seems to balance nicely, it it were an R name or sounded similar than yes it may be too much
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    I say Roe-sah-lind but I've never met one in real life.
    No to both questions

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