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    I finally combined the girls in a way I like, and found a handful of boys that I like individually as well as in a sib-set. What do you think?

    Imogen Lark - Imogen after my mum, Lark after my dad. A very roundabout way of honoring them, but it feels right.
    Clementine Joy - Both meanings together perfectly describe my dear grandmother. Joy isn't my favorite name, but using a different middle feels less honoring.
    Artemis Jane - I honestly just adore both of these, there's no deeper meaning behind it.
    Rosamund Coraline - I just love Rosamund, and Coraline is a roundabout way of honoring a sister.
    Florence Juliet - Same as above, the middle is a roundabout way to honor a sister.

    I LOVE all of your girls names! Beautiful! If I was really picky then the last two combos are a bit stop starty.

    The only first-and-middle combinations I am 100% decided on are Imogen Lark and Artemis Jane. The others I welcome suggestions or critique on.


    Hamish is the only one I really like off here. Asa is OK. Beau is girly
    As you can see, I have no middles here yet. Scott is a definite middle, as is Edmund/Edwin. I also like offbeat virtue middles like Prosper and Noble.

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