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    I do love Clementine Blythe, and could 100% see myself replacing Joy for Blythe, but still feel slightly guilty at not using Joy, since it was my grandmother's name (not that she would mind, if she were still here; she would roll her eyes and insist I use whatever sounds right, and not to concern myself with honoring her).

    I also am pretty stuck on Jane for Artemis, and I try to avoid repeating the first letter in firsts, so it bothers me slightly that there are three J-middles.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for alternate middles for Rosamund and Florence?
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    Asa is the only boy name I like. I don't care for any of the girl combos. I would really like Juliet Coraline or Coraline Juliet and that's it:-)

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    Alright you asked for it.... <wink>

    You're huge into honoring people with your combos which is awesome! However (yes, there had to be one of those), looking at all your combos it feels like you are planning on having all these kids alone. Nothing wrong with that, my mom was an awesome single mom, but you really are honoring your parents, your sisters and, your grandmother and your friend. What about the other parent? I wouldn't have thought about this so much if Imogen Lark hadn't honored BOTH your parents in one go. I like the combo, but it feels like you'd be saying "this kid is mine, and my families." It doesn't really allow for the space needed to allow for that other family. I think splitting it up might be awesome. I particularly like Philo Lark as a combo and think Imogen could be paired with something else that's fun and light. Perhaps something along the lines of Imogen Cyan, Imogen Noelle or Imogen Rain would appeal to you.

    I agree with some pp's suggestions and comments on your combos' honoring your sisters. I like Coraline and Juliet and individually a lot but your combos both have flow issues to me. I really like Juliet Elise/Anise, Juliet Minerva, Coraline Bay and Coraline Greer. (I do like Rosamund, but really dislike Florence).

    Clementine Joy is probably my favorite of your combos. I actually like that you choose two names to honor one person with. I know I mentioned "family exclusivity" in honoring above but I always feel that if you choose every name of a child to honor one specific person that's really cool. And speaks more to whom that person was than you honoring only one family. Since you are a little unsure of this how do you feel about switching up Joy with something similar in meaning and sound? Clementine Jolie or Clementine Jovie came to mind.

    I like Artemis Jane but.... unless you feel the J honors your Grandmother Joy then this name sticks out as the only non-honoring name. Also while there is nothing wrong with the combo, and feels like it should fit the NB standard to a T, it doesn't sparkle and sing the way it could. The addition of Jane to Artemis feels expected and soft - and while Jane is a staple she doesn't have to feel that way. (Maybe I'm spending too much time here and it won't come across that way to non-berries but I think you could do just a little bit better).

    As mentioned above I like the idea of Philo Lark as a way to honor your dad and yet using a really unique name. I wouldn't worry about Phil being teased. If he's teased for the Phil- part of his name every Philip out there would have to worry about the same. (I went to school with 3 and I don't think any of them were teased in such a manner). Asa Edmund would be my combo suggestion. Asa is great though a bit short for my personal preference. As is Beau (I prefer something longer like Beauregard - Beauregard Scott or Scott Beauregard). Is there a reason why you like longer girls names and (mostly) short names for boys? Nothing wrong with it but.... I'd suggest looking for longer middle names for the boys and shorter for the girls for better symmetry if that matters to you. (Clearly it's an issue for me. lol.) I j'adore Prosper and think Prosper Hamish would be super handsome. It flows better to me this way than Hamish Prosper but both are pretty great. Since you have Prosper I was thinking you could also honor your grandmother with an Oswin combo. Oswin Jovial make me grin from ear to year and Jovial strikes me as a great masculine option for Joy.
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    Imogen Lark is stunning. Really beautiful.
    I really like all the combos on your girls list. I think my 2nd favorite is Florence Juliet.

    On the boys side I like

    Asa Noble
    Oswin Scott

    followed by
    Hamish Edwin
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    Imogen Lark - Imogen is one of those names I've never felt comfortable saying - it just does not come easily
    Clementine Joy - Sound reminds me of "almond joy" like it's some kind of clementine flavored treat
    Artemis Jane - Love it but think of it as a boys name
    Rosamund Coraline - too much...overdone
    Florence Juliet - florence is an old ladies name to me

    Philo + like Phyllo pastry?
    Asa - too hicky/cowboy ish
    Beau - see above
    Oswin - never heard before. like it, but think he will always be hearing mispronounciations
    Hamish - no, never

    Love artemis for a boy
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