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    Ok, I'm an American. I'm not trying to offend anyone and a well aware that sterotypes are not always correct. I'm just curious... From what I understand a chav is sort of a British version of the American Jersey Shore stereotype, but probably without the faux-Italian claimed roots. They party and go clubbing to excess, wear gaudy outfits and jewlery, like to fight, and have little reguard for... Well, for a lot of things. Also curious to know if there are a group of names considered chav. I see people post all the time about Teen Mom names and white trash names, are there chav names?
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    Yeah, I think generally our 'chav' is your 'white trash'. I've never seen Jersey Shore though so I can't comment on that.

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    Yeah, I think white trash and chav are effectively the same (except chav can be used to refer to non-white people too) - generally lower class, often reliant on benefits, either dresses in tracksuits or extremely revealing clothing, often the sort of people that have out of control kids wandering the neighbourhood in the evenings, hanging out on street corners with nothing to do. Never seen Jersey Shore but from the description it seems to match. I believe the equivalent Australian term is Bogan - though I don't think there's a great number of Aussies on here.

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    Chav/Bogans/White trash are pretty much the same with different fashion sense, although the chav girls dress just like the ones in jersey shore but only spending maybe £8 on the same kind os clothes. The girls tend to like tight clothing, but go though trends when I left England (I grew up in a low class area) it was all leggings, crop tops and flowers in their hair, now it is brightly coloured hair. The guys prefer mostly brand name tracksuits but after school they tend to transition into jeans, plus the brand names that are in change every year one year McKenzie and the next it is reebok, Burberry and ralph lauren shirts . I live in Australia now and Bogan's fashion trend is different, lots of shorts with ugg boots from ones I have seen.

    As for names when I was growing up it was lots of Chelsea, but when I was working I noticed a lot of these names on boys: Harvey, Bailey, Jackson and LeeVoy's. On girls there are a lot of Lily-Mae, Evie-Mae, Kasey/Macy around the area I lived.

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