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    Imogen Lark - I love Imogen, and Lark lightens the combination up perfectly, though word names are not to my personal taste - significance trumps most things in my book, as well, so it's lovely that it means so much to you.

    Clementine Joy - What about Clementine Blythe? It has a very similar meaning, but sounds less "words as names-y" if you get my gist... It's perfectly pretty, but I'm not sure if it would suit a woman in any profession. (I can't envision a President Clementine Joy really!)

    Artemis Jane - They are both beautiful names, but Jane feels slightly overused as a middle name (I am actually considering Jane as a middle name myself, haha, so I have no real right to say that, sorry!) - would Jane Artemis appeal to you as much?

    Rosamund Coraline - Absolutely stunning. I cannot fault this at all.

    Florence Juliet - I would almost prefer Juliet Florence, but that's just flow, no real reason.

    I'm rubbish at critiquing boys names (and pretty bad at girls too - sorry!) but in a dream world, I would use Prosper as a middle name - it's very handsome. Good luck!

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    Oh, also, here is a list of bay names that mean happy if you wanted to use something other than Joy;

    Good luck (again!)

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    Imogen Lark - I don't like either name, but you get bonus points for naming after family
    Clementine Joy - I dislike the name Clementine but I think Joy is pretty. But again - family.
    Artemis Jane - Beautiful combo. I love the name Jane
    Rosamund Coraline - Both are okay
    Florence Juliet - Not a fan of Florence, but Juliet is beautiful

    Philo - Interesting name. I can't tell if I like it or not
    Asa - Meh
    Beau - Dislike. I'm not even sure how to pronounce it
    Oswin - Meh
    Hamish - Meh

    Scott - Its alright
    Edmund/Edwin - Love Edmund and Edwin is pretty cute as well
    Prosper & Noble - Not a fan of either
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    Thanks to everyone who has responded!

    This is why I need you guys. I totally didn't realize Florence Juliet was so heavily Italian/Shakespearean and that Rosamund Coraline was the same number of syllables til it was pointed out to me.

    The reason I chose Juliet and Coraline is that the "Ju" and "Cor" sounds are also in my sisters' nicknames, and I wanted to subtly honor them, since their real names and nicknames aren't really my style. I'm open to suggestions on alternate middles for those, now that it's been pointed out.

    Those are the two I have trouble with. Imogen Lark, Artemis Jane, and Clementine Joy all sound so feminine and solid while still being lighthearted, if that makes sense. Rosamund and Florence might need more lighthearted middles to match.

    To the pp who mentioned it: Beau is pronounced like "Bo"'s after a friend who recently passed away, and I'm not 100% sure about it yet, but I like it. My sister has a nephew already named this, but I feel like I could get away with using it since it's not like I ever see him.

    I know Philo isn't most people's cup of tea, but it makes my heart sing. I love the suggestion of Philo Scott!
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    From favourite to not-so-favourite:
    Artemis Jane: Well, I'm personally a sucker for Artemisia, that name never fails to make me swoon, but Artemis Jane sounds great.
    Imogen Lark: I like that you honour your parents with this name and they go very well together.
    Florence Juliet: The flow is alright, but I personally don't care for either of the names.
    Rosamund Coraline: This is a mouthful in my opinion and it doesn't flow very well. I do think Rosamund is a wonderful name though.
    Clementine Joy: Clementine is lovely, but I'm not fond of Joy (or many other virtue names). Also, to me, using a name that you like but not quite like as much as another name is only sustainable if it's a compromise between you and your partner.

    Asa: This is a wonderful name, so lovely and strong, one of my own favourites. I love the sound of Asa Edmund.
    Hamish: I know a Hamish and I think it's a great name. Hamish Scott is a great combination.
    Beau: This one is not my style, but I really do like it. As for pairing it up with your middles, I think the only one that sounds decent is Beau Edwin.
    Oswin: Makes me think of Oswin Oswald and I'm prone to say go with Oswald instead. I don't really like Oswin for either a boy or a girl.
    Philo: Definitely makes me think of the filo pastry and samosas.
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