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    Imogen Lark - glad you had sense to put Lark as the middle! lovely
    Clementine Joy - so these were her names? otherwise you can find another name for Joy (Chara) or try Bliss or Merry etc. love Clementines olden charm
    Artemis Jane - Artemis has always felt masculine to me, even before the Fowl books. hate Arty as a nickname for anyone but especially dreadful for a girl. prefer Athena or if you have to stick with the same feel Themis is justice and feels more feminine. love the simply classic Jane
    Rosamund Coraline - prefer Rosavine or Rosemarie, Coraline is way too popular since the movie - prefer Cordelia
    Florence Juliet - too much Italy & Shakespeare, Juliet is okay by herself

    Philo - dough and phallus, SKIP
    Asa - okay, short & to the point
    Beau - too many are jumping on this band wagon
    Oswin - doesnt even feel like a name to me, like a made up variation of Oswald which is worse
    Hamish - Seamus or Hammond would be a better fate for a boy

    Scott - just okay
    Edmund/Edwin - prefer Edmund
    Prosper & Noble feel too definitive and 'ending' - almost like last names, prefer Merritt
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    Imogen Lark - Imogen is alright and I don't like Lark very much.
    Clementine Joy - This is lovely. I adore Clementine
    Artemis Jane - Artemis is lovely I like it on both genders and Artemis Jane is great
    Rosamund Coraline - Its very long I also prefer Rosalind to Rosamund.
    Florence Juliet - I really like both names and they are really nice together
    Philo: This reminds me of the pastry.
    Asa: I prefer Asher.
    Beau: I think of Beau Brooks and its quite popular here its alright but I wouldn't use it.
    Oswin: Its alright
    Hamish: Its quite popular here but its quite nice.
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    Imogen Lark- I don't know about anyone else, but I simply love this name.
    Clementine Joy- Altogether, this is a very happy name, so it would be perfect for a smiley little girl.
    Artemis Jane- This one is my favorite. Not only because I am a fan of the Artemis Fowl books, but also because it just sounds so...elegant.
    Rosamund Coraline- As other people have said, it is very long and lacks a certain flow. Maybe Rebecca, Rhiannon, Rosalia, or Roxanna?
    Florence Juliet- I personally ADORE Juliet, but Florence has never been a personal favorite. Francesca, Freda, Faye, or Fiona would sound a bit more modern and cute.

    Philo- Pastries and certain "_____________phile" jokes...
    Asa- I like it, but when I think of Asa, I think of extremely old men. That's just my opinion, I'm sure that there are plenty of young Asas out there. Maybe Avan?
    Beau- Not a personal fave.
    Oswin- no comment.
    Hamish- This is probably my favorite out of all of them. If Hamish fails, there's always Harris or Seamus.

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    If i am being brutally honest.. I don't like any of them.. They all sound like old ladies... I don't get why everyone on nameberry loves Imogen soo much it is not pretty...

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    Imogen Lark - Honouring people who are special to you is a good thing - even if it's roundabout! I like this combo and it would be my third choice.

    Clementine Joy - I'm not crazy about two words in a combo but if it "perfectly describes" your dear grandmother, who am I to judge?

    Artemis Jane - My favourite combo on your girls list. I love the blend of mythological and literary pedigrees. Quirky and simple.

    Rosamund Coraline - A little longish but I do love both names so I can overlook that issue.

    Florence Juliet - I quite like this combo. A good mix of vintage charm and Shakespearean romance. 2nd fave.


    Philo - an old name that sounds contemporary. Combo Suggestion: Philo Scott.
    Asa - strong and masculine Biblical name (which isn't easy to achieve due to the "a" ending). Combo Suggestion: Asa Noble.
    Beau - Ok but I still find it strange naming children "beautiful" (I'm thinking of Beau's sister Belle too). Since it's descriptive I think a more traditional name is best for the middle spot. Combo Suggestion: Beau Edwin.
    Oswin - It's nice to see this name for a boy. I love the meaning "divine friend". Combo Suggestion: Oswin Scott.
    Hamish - Not my favourite Scottish name but it's not the worst either. Combo Suggestion: Hamish Prosper.

    Sibset Suggestions

    Asa, Philo and Imogen
    Artemis, Philo and Imogen
    Oswin, Florence and Rosamund
    Beau, Hamish and Clementine
    All the best,

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