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    Hey Berries,

    For Boys we really like Maddox, Quentin, and Kingston.
    For Girls we like Ivy, Violet and Blair. (Hubby loves Violet but I love Blair and Ivy)

    What do you think it should be were having a hard time deciding!!!

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    Hmm, out of Ivy, Violet, and Blair....

    Ivy -- Clearly I like this one for you since I suggested it. I like how the name is strong but cute, familiar but not run-of-the-mill, and feminine but not frilly. This seems to be a good description for all of your girls' names, so I like how it matches that pattern. I also like that it is two syllables because it provides balance with Scarlett.

    Violet -- Stylistically, Violet fits nicely with your girls' names, but I don't prefer it because then Emerald, Scarlett, and Violet have strong color association with their names and Avalon and Naomi are a bit left out. Also, Violet sounds very close to Scarlett and I love the fact that your girls' names are all distinct from each other so far. I do love the idea of a flower name for you though, as I think it would round out your girls' names nicely. Have you considered Laurel? That might work well, only not with the mn Noelle.

    Blair -- This one is hands-down my favorite. Not only is the name distinctive, but it also stands out from the rest of your girls' names. I love how it ends with a different sound then all the rest (unlike Ivy and Violet), allowing each daughter to have a very individualized-sounding name. Stylistically, it is a perfect fit as well.

    I hope that helps!
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    I love Ivy Noelle! Not a huge fan of they boys names you have, but I love James!

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    I agree with sunshine.10, I would nix Violet because of the rhyming with Scarlett. As she said, so far your girls have very distinct names, it would be nice to keep that up! Blair makes me think "blare" as in, my neighbors are blaring their music again. So, my choice would be Ivy, of the three you mentioned. Ivy Noelle is great!

    However I have to say I think Noelle doesn't exactly fit with Grace, Hope, Joy & Faith, to me. I get the Christianity/Nativity link but I still think it stands out as opposed to blending in since it's not a virtue name. That doesn't mean I don't like it! But maybe you would consider:

    Ivy Bliss
    Ivy Constance
    Ivy Justice
    Ivy Merritt
    Ivy Temperance - Favorite!

    For boys: Maddox & Kingston are so trendy, it's hard for me to think seriously about them. But Quentin James is handsome.

    What about: Bowen, Lincoln, Maxen (Welsh), Phoenix, or Quillan?

    Or, what about flipping your virtue name tradition around if it's a boy, and making the first name a "masculine" virtue name? Such as...

    Loyal James
    Noble James
    Ransom James (okay this isn't a virtue, but related to Christian theology a la Noelle.)
    Sterling James
    Valiant James

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