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    How on earth to honor a Sherry?

    The only thing I can come up with is

    1) Sheree/Cherie/Chere. I can't figure out which spelling is the pronunciation I want. Kind of like Shur-ee or Sha-ree. I like that Cherie is French for "darling," (but I've read comics before where a character uses "Chere" instead of Cherie, and I'm wondering if they both mean the same and are pronounced the same?).
    2) Use a name that has the same meaning as Sherry (and Nameberry is kind of lacking in this area. It says Sherry is the Americanized Cheri, but it doesn't have a meaning for Cheri either.) Google says it means "dear one" or "darling," but the only names with those meanings are...kind of dated and gross to my ears.
    3) Use a virtue name that the person I'm trying to honor represents. This gives me much more creative room, but also feels a lot less personal.

    What would you do? Also, can you help with point #1 at all?
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

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    In French, "Cher" or "Chere" (feminine version with an e) means dear, as in, "Mon Cher Papa" (my dear dad). (It can also mean 'expensive'.) :-)
    "Cherie" is dear or darling as you would use it as a pet name for someone.

    You might be thinking of Shari as a nn for Sharon, as far as pronunciation goes, Cherie is pronounced the same way.

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    I know a Shari and a Cherie who both consider their names French. I am fairly certain Cherie is the correct form. Charity, Carys, and Carissa all come to mind or just a lovely name that means love.
    Names that have love meanings

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    I have known 2 people named Cherie (shur-REE) in my life and think it's so pretty! Great way to honor a Sherry. Might be kind of tacky, but if you're really into wine, you could branch off that theme and name her Brandy or Merlot. You could also combine Sherry with a cute 1 syllable name to make it your own, like Sherry-Kate or Sherry-Ann. I like either Cherie or using a virtue name.

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