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Thread: MN for Nell?

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    MN for Nell?

    I keep coming back to my love for the name Nell if it's a girl. I love the nn Nellie. I have tried to think of longer forms that would equal nn Nellie but I just feel if I want her to always be called Nell/Nellie then I should just go w/ Nell otherwise at school she would likely get called the proper name. My problem w/ Nell is that it's such a difficult name to come up w/ a middle! My mom's name is Marie and while it normally goes w/ everything, not sure it works w/ Nell? Nell Marie...what do you think? Other suggestions?? I think it needs something long to balance the shortness but we don't really have a lot of family names that are long so I am drawing blank. I think Nell sounds good w/ a vowel sound for middle too but again, not sure what to use? I like Nell Elizabeth but of course have a daughter w/ mn Elizabeth already! Any feedback/suggestions?
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    Would you be open to naming her Nellie instead? It's just much easier to fit a middle name with. I also think Nell Marie goes pretty well together.

    Nell Angelina
    Nell Persephone
    Nell Cassandra
    Nell Olivia
    Nell McKenna
    Nell Malea
    Nell Evadne
    Nell Yvonne
    Nell Lavinia
    Nell Lorraine
    Nell Marin (ma-RINN)
    Nell Corrine (core-INN)
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    I agree that Nellie flows better w/ most middles..just worry if that's too nick namey for a first name?? I like Nell Olivia a lot. Nellie Marie would sound better than Nell Marie for sure in my opinion.
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    Nell Cordelia
    Nell Felicity
    Nell Victoria

    I would really want a longer form if it was me.

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