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    MN for Nell?

    I keep coming back to my love for the name Nell if it's a girl. I love the nn Nellie. I have tried to think of longer forms that would equal nn Nellie but I just feel if I want her to always be called Nell/Nellie then I should just go w/ Nell otherwise at school she would likely get called the proper name. My problem w/ Nell is that it's such a difficult name to come up w/ a middle! My mom's name is Marie and while it normally goes w/ everything, not sure it works w/ Nell? Nell Marie...what do you think? Other suggestions?? I think it needs something long to balance the shortness but we don't really have a lot of family names that are long so I am drawing blank. I think Nell sounds good w/ a vowel sound for middle too but again, not sure what to use? I like Nell Elizabeth but of course have a daughter w/ mn Elizabeth already! Any feedback/suggestions?
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